All Time Low


All Time Low is an American pop-punk band from Baltimore, Maryland. The band consists of singer Alex Gaskarth, drummer Rian Dawson, bassist Zack Merrick and lead guitarist Jack Barakat. All Time Low was formed in 2003 while the guys were still in high school and it was originally a Blink-182 and Green Day cover band. The band, which could have been called NeverReck, became All Time Low. It was named after the lyrics of the song Head On Collision by New Found Glory.
In 2004, they recorded their first EP entitled The Three Words To Remember In Dealing With The End through the label Emerald Moon Records which was followed one year later by the release of their first album The Party Scene.
In 2006, they signed a record deal with Hopeless Records and they released their second EP entitled Put Up Or Shut Up. This EP includes the well-known Coffee Shop Soundtrack and Jasey Rae. Their second album So Wrong, It's Right was released in 2007 and it includes the singles Six Feet Under The Stars, Dear Maria, Count Me In and Poppin' Champagne. In 2009, All Time Low showed its ironical side by releasing its third album Nothing Personal which includes the singles Weightless and Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't). On May 25, 2010, they released their first live DVD named Straight to DVD in which we can see them on the Glamour Kills Tour and watch one of their concerts.
In June 2010, All Time Low left Hopeless to join Interscope Records and they got to release their long-awaited fourth record Dirty Work through this label. As many huge artists, such as U2 or Lady Gaga, were also working with this label, the band had to face a lot of critics, especially when they released the first single which is in fact ironically depicting the music industry.
In 2012, the band was back on Hopeless Records and they got to release their fifth album Don't Panic. This album helped the band rise from their ashes after being wrongly accused of selling out. The greatest hits from this album are The Reckless And The Brave, Somewhere In Neverland and Backseat Serenade. In 2013, they surprised their fans by releasing a reedition of this album for which they had recorded new songs including the single A Love Like War. There were only 15,000 copies of this reedition entitled Don't Panic: It's Longer Now! but it was a huge success.
In 2015, All Time Low made a comeback with the shooting of their second DVD at Wembley Arena in London before releasing their sixth studio album Future Hearts, with Something's Gotta Give as a first single.
In 2017, All Time Low announced that they signed with the label Fueled By Ramen and released the first single off their seventh album.

More about them

* When they formed All Time Low, the names they could have given the band are NeverReck, Playground X and Blind Ego.
* All Time Low is one of the many bands who are promoting the brand Glamour Kills. By the way, Jack, Rian and Alex all got to work on shirts with Mark Capicotto. As for Zack, he has his own clothing line named Amerrickan.
* The band has recorded many songs for compilations, especially for Punk Goes....