More about the website

Oh Calamity was born on 7 November 2010 under the name Jack Barakat France. It was the first French source dedicated to All Time Low guitarist Jack Barakat. Year after year, we developed it, created an English version and quickly became a renowned international source on the whole band.

In 2014, for the website's fourth anniversary, we changed the domain name to to get rid of a name which exclusively focused on one musician for one specific group of people. We have now established ourselves as the longest-running international website on All Time Low and have one of the largest online galleries entirely dedicated to the band.

We have been online for over six years and we have taken part in numerous projects and events which have helped the fans reach the band and the band reach the fans through videos, books and presents.

Oh Calamity wishes to remain a fan favourite and the team is planning many more surprises for the years to come.