Jack Barakat


Jack Bassam Barakat (known as Jack Barakat) is a Lebanese guitarist who was born on 18 June 1988 in Beirut, Lebanon. He is the lead guitarist for American pop-punk band All Time Low. He started playing the guitar at a young age and met Alex Gaskarth when he was a teenager. They spent their time covering songs from pop-punk bands Blink-182 and Green Day. Jack was studying at Dulaney High School in Maryland when he met Rian Dawson who would soon become the drummer of the band. Zack Merrick then joined the band to play the bass after having been harrassed by Jack.
In 2008, Jack worked with Mark Capicotto from Glamour Kills to create his own clothing line named JAGK. The first shirts were sold in 2009 and 7 collections were released to this day.
In 2013, he has proved that he can do anything by hosting a radio show with his bandmate Alex. So, every Monday, they talk for an hour the same way they do on stage in a show called Full Frontal.
Jack currently owns two bars: The Rockwell in Baltimore, MD and The Riff in Los Angeles, CA.

More about him

* Jack has an older brother named Joe and an older sister called May.
* He has three tattoos: the first one represents his favourite band Blink-182, the second one is the All Time Low skull and the last one is Jack Skellington playing his purple guitar.