Zack Merrick


Zachary Steven Merrick (mostly known as Zack Merrick) is an American musician who was born on 21 April 1988 in Baltimore, Maryland. He is the bass player of the American pop-punk band All Time Low in which he also sings the backup vocals.
He was hired by Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat and Rian Dawson as the last member of their band in 2003 after they saw him skateboarding. Moreover, he is one of the only bass players to play without a pick. When the band plays acoustic versions of songs, Zack usually plays the guitar and sings the backup vocals while Alex is singing.
In 2009, Zack decided to follow in Jack's footsteps by creating his own clothing line in collaboration with the brand Kill Brand. His line is named Amerrickan, which is a mix between his last name and his nationality.

More about him

- He supports many charities, including Keep A Breast.
- Zack is the member of the band who has the most tattoos.