Nice2KnoU music video

All Time Low have just released a brand new music video for their song Nice2KnoU. In the video, they are walking around their hometown of Baltimore, MD, where they pay tribute to all the venues linked to their career as a band.

Watch the video below. We will add the screen captures later on.

Posted by Moe on 19 May 2017

Australian tour: Recap video and pictures

There are only two dates left on the Australian tour and more and more pictures and videos are getting published every day. Feel free to regularly check on our gallery as we add photos throughout the day.

Watch a recap video of the band in Sydney by clicking the picture below.

Many pictures from the tour were added in our gallery. The photographers and websites are credited in the album descriptions as usual. Check them out!

Posted by Moe on 18 May 2017

Australian tour: Interview and photos

All Time Low have three dates left on their Australian tour and the media are still posting many articles about the band. Zack and Jack met with Music Feeds to talk about their Australian fanbase. You can watch the video by clicking the picture below.

A few pictures taken on the last two dates of the tour were posted in our gallery. Renae Egan took the pictures in Sydney for Wall Of Sound and Jaz Meadows took the ones in Melbourne for Destroy All Lines. Check them out!

Posted by Moe on 16 May 2017

Wall Of Sound interview with Zack and Jack

When All Time Low were in Sydney, Australia, Zack and Jack met with the website Wall Of Sound to discuss their upcoming album Last Young Renegade.

Read the article below.
So the new album Last Young Renegade is set to be released June 2nd, how did the recording process differ this time around?
Jack: “It was a longer process and we did it in secret. No one really knew we were doing an album. They saw pictures of us in the studio but no one really knew what was going on, we didn’t say we were making an album. Alex (Gaskarth) would go on writing trips to the mountains and the desert to try and get away from the LA scene and focus on the writing and then we would all meet at this old little studio we rented in Hollywood where The Beach Boys did Pet Sounds, so we got a bunch of 80s synths and laid some tracks down.”
Zack: “There’s a lot more experimenting too, more pedals and what not. It wasn’t just pop punk, where it’s like ‘alright let’s find the right distortion tone’”
Jack: “Yeah, we really wanted to make the album sound different, and a little fresher.”

So do you think your influences have changed drastically within this process?
Jack: “I don’t think our personal influence changed that much, we’re still listening to the same stuff but I definitely think we let them affect the music a little more. I mean because this is our seventh album we wanted to try different things and sound a little different while still keeping it All Time Low.”

So should we be expects a Beach Boys tribute hidden track?
Zack: “Shhh! You’ll spoil the surprise (laughs)”

Last time All Time Low graced our shores, Future Hearts was just about to come out, so it’s been some time. What can we expect from this tour cycle?
Jack: “Yeah this tour is interesting because we didn’t come here on Future Hearts.” *whispers sorry into the mic* “So it’s definitely a lot of that along with a couple new songs because that’s also our focus with the album coming out in like a month. So if you’re a new All Time Low fan you’ll be pretty happy (laughs). We do touch up on the old stuff a little bit, as we always will. We’re playing the longest set we’ve ever played here. It’s about seventeen songs which is by far the longest set we’ve played in Australia, which is pretty exciting.”
Zack: “It’s usually a side-wave and it’s like an hour at most, so it’s nice to have a full set.”

It’s also quite the step-up in venue size.
Jack: “Oh yeah absolutely it’s pretty cool for us. Australia’s somewhere we’ve always wanted to be successful and play bigger crowds and the shows we’ve done have always been fun, but they’ve always been kind of smaller yet still insane. So we always knew if we could get a bigger venue the crowd would be double the insanity.”
Zack: “It’s also indoors so hopefully our equipment won’t drown again.”

Is the crowd any different to back in the states?
Jack: “Well we’ve only been here seven or eight times, whereas we’ve toured numerous times in the US, so I do think there’s a level of intensity when we come and it’s special to them which is really cool.”

You’ve also brought quite the line-up with you , what’s it like taking these guys on the road?
Jack: “We’ve been touring with The Maine since we were 18/19 so we’ve known them for almost ten years now and done so many tours with them so it’s kind of nice. A lot of tours we’ve done here with either Soundwave or Headlining with local openers which is also fun, but it’s nice to be with your friends and travel the country with them.”
Zack: “And we toured the UK with Neck Deep and have done a ton of shows with them so they’re definitely all of our friends that we like musically as well so that’s why we did it.”

On the back of your single of the same name, who do you think is the ‘Life of the Party’ out of all three bands on this tour?
Zack: “It’s hard to tell here because you’ve got to fly every morning so it can’t really be like ‘let’s go rage!’” (laughs)
Jack: “I will say all three bands do enjoy to partake which makes it way more fun.”

You guys are famous for your antics on tour. Any crazy stories?
Jack: “There was this one time while we were at Soundwave where Alex fainted on the plane and we almost had to make an emergency landing. Someone had to make an IV out of a bag and gave it to him. He was just really dehydrated though” (Laughs)
Zack: “…and we were playing in 110 degrees (Fahrenheit) heat too and he doesn’t drink water.”
Jack: “Yeah it’s crazy I drink like ten bottles of water a day and he drinks maybe one or two. So he got on the plane, dried out and literally fainted. They gave him three bags of IVs and it wasn’t even enough. That’s how dehydrated he was!”

I’m sure you’re all enjoying the cooler weather this time around then.
Zack: “Oh yeah, it’s amazing. Literally perfect.”

So to wrap things up we’re going to play a quick fire game of Name and Shame. Time to air all your ‘Dirty Laundry ‘(apologies in advance)

Firstly who uses up the most hot water?

Jack and Zack in unison: “Alex!”
Zach: “He takes pretty long showers.”

Who showers the least?
Jack: “Rian or Zack” (laughs)
Zack: “Yeah I’d say me because I’m always working out.”
Jack: “Rian and Zack's wardrobe cases both smell the worst by far.”

Last one on the bus?
Jack: “I’d say me or Zack. We’re known to come back at late hours of the night.”

Biggest prankster?
Jack: “I’ll take that!”
Zack: (laughs) “I think everyone kind of does that.”
Jack: “Rian definitely doesn’t at all”
Zack: “No but we have the bunk banana, where you’ll go to sleep and be like ‘What the hell is this?’ and there’s a banana under your pillow. It’s funny shenanigans.”
Jack: “There’s always a banana under someone’s pillow.”

Who’s the biggest social media fiend?
Jack: “Alex! Like I enjoy it but Alex is next level.”

But would he be the best selfie taker?
Jack: “Yeah no.”
Zack: “Definitely not” (laughs)
Jack: “I take a pretty good selfie so…” *seductively winks

Whose hair is most likely to fall out because of bleach?
Jack: “My hair will definitely fall out! I’m surprised it hasn’t already”
Zack: “And mine’s going grey so”

Last one, who is the best dressed?
Jack: “Rian’s a pretty good dresser, he’s on his fashion game. Alex doesn’t want to hear that but it’s true.”
Zack: “I live in Hawaii so we don’t really wear clothes. We just go naked!”
Jack: “Which is also the best dressed! We’re both number one birthday suit supporters.”

Posted by Moe on 15 May 2017

Melbourne: Recap videos and pictures

Last night, All Time Low played a show at Festival Hall in Melbourne, Australia. As it was Mother's Day in the United States, Jack called his mother on stage. You can watch a recap video posted on the band's Facebook account and the hilarious encounter of Joyce Barakat and 5,000 fans by clicking the picture below.

The Australian promoter Destroy All Lines posted a video with footage from the Australian tour on their Facebook account. You can watch it by clicking the picture below.

The first pictures from the show in Melbourne, taken by Sofie Marsden and Digital Beard, were posted in our gallery. Check them out!

Posted by Moe on 15 May 2017

The Speakeasy interview

This week, the website The Speakeasy wrote a review on All Time Low's show at PowerStation in Auckland, New Zealand. Today, they posted an interview they did with the band.

Read a few questions asked in the article below.
So, congratulations on signing with Fueled By Ramen!
All: Thank you!
Yasmin: Obviously you kept that quiet for quite a while, what made you decide to do that?
Alex Gaskarth: Uh, we sort of just felt like it was the right move, we were still technically signed to Hopeless, well not, signed to Hopeless, but we were finishing things up with Hopeless Records while we were working on the deal with Fueled By Ramen so we just had things that we were still promoting, like our last record and our DVD that came out and stuff on an older label. So we just felt like announcing a new label while still promoting stuff on an old label would just get confusing for people, so yeah. We just decided to do all that stuff in secret, and then announce it once there was a little space.
Rian Dawson: And also the labels, it was really cool cause during that time, the labels, during that time period, were actually working together.
Alex: Oh yeah, no, it was awesome, it was such a smooth transition.

And so you’ve got quite a new sound with this new record, had you already decided to go down this path sonically before you decided to sign with Fueled By Ramen, or was that kind of as a result of signing with them?
Alex: No, I think, I think we were already sort of on that path, you know, there’s kind of an interesting, like, um sequence of stepping stones I think from our last record, Future Hearts, to the new one, I kind of, you know, obviously Future Hearts had its kind of staple kind of older, older sounding All Time Low songs on it, but um, I think the way we released singles and the way that we built that album out, it kind of started moving us towards what we wanted to do on this record and obviously, the song that came out on the DVD, Take Cover, I think was the perfect kind of transitional song, saying like, “here’s where we were, here’s where we’re going”.
Jack Barakat: It’s kind of interesting because we uh, when we were meeting with labels, we kind of had a vision for what we wanted the record to sound like already, and Fueled By had the same vision, and so we knew what we wanted to be – what direction we wanted to take before we signed. And you know, Good Times and Last Young Renegade were songs that we had written before we had even signed.
Alex: It felt like an important moment, you know I think um, it could have been very easy for us in the moment to, to kind of go back and make another record that sounded like our old stuff, um but I think, being – it was our seventh album, and we’re 10 plus years into our career like, it felt really important to kind of do something new and try something different and put us on kind of a new trajectory I think, for the years to come. Otherwise I think, you know, bands get stale.

So with the music videos, you’ve released them in ‘volumes’, is that because you’re going to release one for every song? Or…? We can hope!
Jack: Probably!
Alex: We’ll see, we’re three in right now, with a fourth one on the way and, um, you know, it’s only a ten song record so it’s very possible that we could get all the way there but, um it was really important for us to make something really visual. We’ve never done anything like this with a release, or with our music videos, so I think, one of the big things we wanted to go for with Last Young Renegade was world building. We felt like we had these really strong songs and this really cool aesthetic, um sonically, and then we really wanted to visualise that in the record, in the music videos as well. Um, and so yeah, it’s been kind of this cool thing where we’ve been able to tie everything together and everything that’s come out so far feels connected, it’s creating this little world that it all lives in, um and yeah, I think it would be amazing if we keep going on. We’ll see, we’ll have to, we have to get to the next step first. Volume four is next, and then we’ll see where it goes.

Okay, question for each of you: do you have a favourite song on Last Young Renegade?
Alex: No.
Jack: I do!
Jack: I don’t like any of ‘em. I have ten least favourite songs.
Rian: It’s hard to pick, I think… I’m gonna go with Afterglow.
Yasmin: Can you tell me why?
Rian: Yeah! It’s one of those songs and it was added on super late, really late actually. It was written almost after the record was done pretty much, and um, it just, the record – and it’s the first one that really does this – it kind of takes you on a journey lyrically, thematically, musically, like it’s not just one single feel. You go up and down, and we didn’t really have a song that felt like it closed off. Like the record felt a little open ended, um and Afterglow as a song, lyrically, production, everything’s just really perfect for the last song on the record and it’s…
Alex: It needed that moment, it needed the, the Last Jedi moment, you know where you have –
Rian: No.
Alex: You have her handing off the light sabre and it like, sets you up for the next thing –
Jack: Rian doesn’t know what you’re talking about.
Alex: It’s a force awakening, it needed that, it needed the thing that – it felt like it wrapped up the story, the character on the record, but yeah. It needed to get there to get to the next thing. But uh, what about you Jack?
Jack: I think Good Times is my favourite, uh it was the first song that was written for the album, Alex sent it to me and I remember me telling him it was his best song he’d ever written.
Yasmin: Was this during your little travels through the dessert?
Alex: This was before.
Jack: He sent it to me via carrier pigeon.
Jack: It took literally three months to get there, I don’t know why anyone ever used that.
Alex: A crow landed on a cactus…
Jack: There has to be a better way.
Alex: … with a letter tied to its leg. I read that letter. It said, “Alex, where are you? Please come home”…. My favourite right now, I think, is Life of the Party. Something that always happens when we make a record is that I get, I mean, it happens to all of us but I think because I’m so in it from very beginning to very end, I have a really hard time uh, like, by the time I get to the end, I don’t know if anything’s good anymore, so now that the songs are releasing, it’s kind of like the weight is lifting as people hear the songs and kind of, we get the feedback and people are like, “Oh! We really love this”, I’m like, “Oh, thank God”. So that just happened with Life of the Party, so that one right now is like fresh in my mind as being like, yeeeah.
Yasmin: What about you, Zack?
Zack: Uh, I like Life of the Party, I just, I’ve always liked darker songs, not necessarily in like a, it’s not like sad, it’s just a deeper and darker song, and I always like that kind of feel of music so, it’s nice.

Read more at The Speakeasy.

Posted by Moe on 13 May 2017

Brisbane: Life Of The Party live premiere

Yesterday in Brisbane, Australia, All Time Low premiered the third single off their upcoming album, Life Of The Party. You can watch the video below.

Posted by Moe on 13 May 2017

Brisbane: Recap video and pictures

Yesterday, All Time Low performed a show in Brisbane, Australia with The Maine and Neck Deep. The band posted a recap video of their set on their Facebook page. You can watch it by clicking the picture below.

The website Hysteria Mag attended the show and wrote a review, which you can check out on their website.
They also posted a few pictures, which were taken by Vincent Shaw. Check them out in our gallery!

Posted by Moe on 13 May 2017

Auckland review and pictures

Two days ago, the website The Speakeasy attended All Time Low's show in Auckland, New Zealand. They wrote a review, which you can read below.
For All Time Low fans, the live experience is everything. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why fans in New Zealand might feel a bit short changed. After all, it took them 7 years to finally make it over here for the first time in 2013, and even after that we had to wait another agonising 2 years between return visits. We get it though. We’re small and stupidly far away from literally anything, and all it means is that when they do finally make it over here, we appreciate it all the more. All Time Low always reward us for our patience and loyalty, which I guess brings us full circle as to why the live experience is so damn important: it’s like, out of this world kind of amazing.

Before the doors even opened for Wednesday evening’s show, all ticket holders were given an opportunity to attend a signing with the band simply by pre-ordering the upcoming record Last Young Renegade (coming June 2nd, just FYI), as well as offering a meet and greet opportunity to all members of their Hustler Fan Club and a few competition winners. It can sometimes take a while for bands to break down the barriers between themselves and the fans at a show, and for many it never happens, but for All Time Low, they just never put them up in the first place.

That’s why, when they finally took to the stage after a killer opening slot by Auckland’s own Openside (who, by the way, are getting better with every performance and we should be very excited for their new music), there seemed to be an instant connection between the band and the crowd. Setting the night off with the old fave Weightless and then transporting us back to their first NZ headline show with Somewhere in Neverland, there was instant engagement from everyone in the room, and as they finally got to play us something from Future Hearts (aka the album cycle that eluded NZ entirely), I found myself crying for the first time that night as we yelled the lyrics to Cinderblock Garden and danced our little hearts out.

Lead singer Alex Gaskarth and lead guitarist Jack Barakat spent the evening talking to us with ease, as though we’ve known each other for years – which I suppose in a way we have – and we all laughed as Jack addressed his misspelling of Auckland (or ‘Aukland’) in a Tweet on entry into our fine country. Self-deprecating humour is what this band does best, and there were numerous occasions throughout the evening during which we were able to laugh at their expense, and while naturally, as fans, we probably would have laughed at literally anything that came out of their mouths, I genuinely believe I still would have chuckled at the outrageous idea of Auckland being the “orgy capital of the world” had they simply been mere mortals.

Getting away from orgies and back to business, the foursome launched into A Love Like War, a song they originally recorded with Vic Fuentes of Pierce the Veil, and which is probably my current favourite out of all of their collaborations. It was at this point that I took a metaphorical step back and made the effort to really consider the sincerity of their music and of their performance over the next few songs, and suddenly it became hard to believe that the mind behind lyrics such as “what a shame, beautiful scars on critical veins” – a line in Kids in the Dark that we sang back with urgency – and the minds that have curated such stunning albums for all these years, were also the minds that could stand there and just be absolute unabashed idiots. It’s this kind of behaviour that makes these live shows so important to their fans, because while we get to know the deeper wanderings of Alex’s mind through their music, it is these interactions that allow us to see what they may be like when they’re just hanging out with their best friends. It’s a whole package with these guys, and in these moments it is easy to understand how they’ve built up such a fiercely loyal fanbase.

Following Something’s Gotta Give, which saw a room full of people on their mighty friends’ shoulders, and the continental premiere of the title track from the upcoming album Last Young Renegade, the band left Alex to stand alone with just his electric guitar in the centre of the stage, prepped to perform a universal fan favourite (because we’re all masochists), Therapy. Frankly, anticipating what was to come I had started crying before he had even strummed the first notes, and so the next 3-4 minutes was a blur (literally – my eyes were a misty mess), but I do recall the smile on Alex’s face as the thousand or so crowd members took over, and how warm it made me feel to know that there was a room full of people who were right there with me, also feeling the impact of those words.

Clearly sensing the diminishing good vibes (or just hearing our gut wrenching sobs), Alex made what might have been a successful attempt to cheer us up. That is, until the rest of the band not then rejoined him on stage to jump into the acoustically driven Missing You, beautifully showcasing Alex’s soft and sweet vocals, and setting us off all over again as we (or at least I) contemplated our importance on this earth. Slowly though, as All Time Low decided we, as Kiwis, needed more Lorde in our lives and graced us with a pretty bloody good rendition of Green Light, we found our dancing shoes again as the aptly incorporated green lighting lit up both stage and crowd.

Due to the show starting a few minutes late and having to adhere to curfews, the next song was to be the “last song”, as well as being Alex’s favourite out of all of the songs that All Time Low have ever written. Fun fact: the song in question – Take Cover – is one that was taken from their second live DVD Straight to DVD II, and the music video involves Alex wearing a pop punk style Taylor Swift singlet. Despite hearing whispers coming from people that didn’t recognise the song, there were plenty more that seemed absolutely stoked to be hearing it being played live for the first time, and the singalong that accompanied it made it the perfect choice for that “last song”.

It was, in fact, not the last song, and nobody was fooled in the slightest as we all began chanting, cheering, and clapping and whatever else we could think of in order to get the boys back on stage. After what truly seemed like 12 years, they were back for 3 whole songs that had all the old school fans squealing with delight. Lost in Stereo will never cease to send people into a wild frenzy, and the ancient throwback to Jasey Rae was welcomed with open arms and many tears, before I finally clambered on my friend’s shoulders to experience Dear Maria – the real last song – from 8 feet up in the air for what was definitely one of my top 10 concert experiences ever. For such a short set, it sure was crazy and exhausting, so to see every member of the crowd give everything they had left in those last few minutes was truly an ode to the limitless energy that All Time Low effortlessly create.

From start to finish, Jack bounced across the stage in a way that is not dissimilar to how you might imagine Tigger would, and equally as impossible to ignore, and there was a certain electricity reverberating between the 4 members that, in theory, you might think superhuman, particularly when maintained over the course of an hour and a half. For All Time Low, though, despite having been in America playing the MTV Awards Festival just 38 hours earlier, and feeling “batshit crazy”, there wasn’t a single moment where their energy wavered. They are born performers, both musically and in how they interact with the fans, and it never fails to feel just a little bit magical.

A few pictures posted on their website are now available in our gallery. Check them out!

Posted by Moe on 12 May 2017

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