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NME: Interview with Jack and Alex

NME has posted a new video of Jack and Alex in which they are talking about their hometown Baltimore. Check out the video below.

Posted by Moe on 15 Apr 2015

US and UK charts: Future Hearts is number one

On Sunday, it was announced that Future Hearts was number one on the charts in the United Kingdom for the first time in the band's career. Today, as the band is getting ready for their Future Hearts Tour across their home country, some other good news were announced. All Time Low is also number one in the United States, which is another first in their career!

I would like to congratulate the band for this success, which they have earned for what is in my opinion the best album they have ever made. I wish them the best for the future, may it be full of surprises because they deserve it.

Posted by Moe on 15 Apr 2015

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5 things you did not know about Alex

Rock Sound has posted the video of Alex telling us 5 things we did not know about him after being nominated by Rian. Watch it below.

Posted by Moe on 14 Apr 2015

Full video: Press conference in Paris (14.03.15)

One month ago, All Time Low performed a sold out show at Le Bataclan in Paris. Before the show, Oh Calamity, along with other French webzines, got to sit with Rian and Jack at a press conference to talk about Future Hearts and their European tour. Check out the video shot by Oh Calamity below.
Feel free to share the video with all your friends. A big thanks to Aurelie for the video.

Posted by Moe on 13 Apr 2015

Interviews: Rock Sound and Shazam

Two new interviews of All Time Low were posted on the web. In the first one, which was posted by Rock Sound, Rian is telling us five secrets we probably don't know about him. In the second one, which was posted by Shazam, Jack and Alex are talking about Future Hearts. Watch the videos below.

Posted by Moe on 13 Apr 2015

Behind The Scenes: Don't You Go And Bail Me Out

Hopeless Records has posted two new videos of All Time Low in the studio. Watch them working on the songs Don't You Go and Bail Me Out by clicking the pictures below.

Posted by Moe on 12 Apr 2015

Facebook videos: Tidal Waves and Honolulu

Two new videos of All Time Low were posted on Facebook. Check out the behind the scenes of the recording of the song Tidal Waves below.

This summer, the band will be back in Hawaii. Watch the video in which Jack and Alex are announcing it.

Posted by Moe on 11 Apr 2015

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