Syracuse show review and pictures

Yesterday, on the Blink-182 summer tour, All Time Low played in Syracuse, NY. The website NYS Music attended the show and reviewed it. You can read the article about All Time Low's performance below.
The show opened with Maryland natives All Time Low who gave a performance that left fans in awe. During their opening song, “Lost In Stereo,” guitarist Jack Barakat ran off stage and into the audience surprising hundreds of fans with pictures and high-fives.

Barakat went out of his way to hit every part of the venue from the floor seats, to out past the lawn, while continuing to perform “Lost In Stereo.” As exciting as it was to watch, Barakat should have expected the fans that ran after him in droves trying to get his attention.

“I grabbed some dude’s hand and he grabbed my ass,” said Barakat after he returned to the stage from being in the crowd. When returning, they played what was their best song of the night, “Weightless,” which showed off the most energy and excitement from the crowd.

As an opener, All Time Low expressed their incomparable joy for being asked to be a part of the tour with Blink-182. Frontman Alex Gaskarth opened up to the crowd about how they started playing music in high school, and found their influence from bands like Blink-182.

“We started this band when we were just in high school and we had just found out about bands like NOFX, Blink-182 and Green Day, and all of those bands are basically the reason we are a band,” said Gaskarth.

With some vocal issues to start off the night, Gaskarth stabilized his voice when singing the acoustic song, “Missing You,” which showed off his rich tonal quality, and less strain in his vocals.

As excited as fans were to see Barakat out-and-about in the venue, during All Time Low’s closing song, “Dear Maria, Count Me In,” Gaskarth followed the trend by running with his microphone up the halls of the amphitheater and ending against the barricade of the lawn.

Like every All Time Low performance, by the end of their set, the stage and their mic stands showed off a rainbow assortment of bras thrown on stage by young fans.

Many pictures from last night, which were also taken for their website, have been added in our gallery. Check them out!

Posted by Moe on 24 Aug 2016

Video: All Time Low at Radio Disney

Last month, Alex and Jack were at the Radio Disney studios to talk about the band and promote their latest single Missing You. The website, which had interviewed them in the studios, has just posted the video of the interview. You can watch it below.

All Time Low SweetBeatTV

All Time Low shares the secrets to starting a band in high school from the Radio Disney studios.

Posted by on Monday, 22 August 2016

The pictures from this appearance are already in our gallery. Check them out!

Posted by Moe on 23 Aug 2016

Pictures: Blink-182 summer tour

Blink-182 kicked off their summer tour in Camden, NJ last Friday, and All Time Low opened for them with a setlist made of 9 songs. You can check it out below.
Lost In Stereo
A Love Like War
Dancing With A Wolf
Kids In The Dark
Backseat Serenade
Something's Gotta Give
Missing You
Dear Maria, Count Me In

The first pictures from the tour were posted in our gallery. We have also added many pictures from All Time Low's first signing session in Baltimore, MD.

Posted by Moe on 17 Aug 2016

Straight To DVD II in-store signings

Prior to the release of All Time Low's second live DVD Straight To DVD II: Past, Present, and Future Hearts, the band will do two in-store signings at Sound Garden in the states of Maryland and New York. Check out both dates below.
15 August 2016: Sound Garden - Baltimore, MD
23 August 2016: Sound Garden - Syracuse, NY

Posted by Moe on 02 Aug 2016

Get Up On This with Jack

Jack was recently a guest in the 255th episode of Jensen Karp's podcast Get Up On This. You can listen to the full audio below.
Jack Barakat, lead guitarist of the band All Time Low joins Jensen and Matty to talk about donuts, Mac Miller’s “Dang!” feat. Anderson .Paak, the Cat-Pack, Don’t Think Twice, Marley documentary, how we were late on The Joe Schmo Show, and many other things you should know about.
This episode is sponsored by Casper Mattresses.

Posted by Moe on 02 Aug 2016

Rapidfire Questions

All Time Low recently played Rapidfire Questions with Alternative Press, which consists in answering questions really fast. You can watch the video below.

Posted by Moe on 01 Aug 2016

Photo gallery: New layout

It has been a while since we last changed the layout of our photo gallery. If you haven't already, you can now check out the new design made with pictures from the Alternative Press Music Awards on and let us know what you think about it on Twitter!

It was, as usual, made by myself. I will try to make a few changed in the gallery itself within the next few weeks.

Posted by Moe on 31 Jul 2016

APMAs: Dream tour lineup and Album of the year

When All Time Low was at the Alternative Press Music Awards, the website Fuse interviewed them to ask them about their dream tour lineup and their favourite album that came out in 2016. You can watch the videos below.

Posted by Moe on 30 Jul 2016

Straight To DVD II: Something's Gotta Give

All Time Low have just released a sneak peek for their upcoming live DVD at Wembley, Straight To DVD II: Past, Present, And Future Hearts. You can watch the band perform the song Something's Gotta Give below.

Posted by Moe on 26 Jul 2016

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