Happy one year anniversary, Mr and Mrs Gaskarth!

One year ago today, Alex married Lisa Ruocco in Baltimore, MD. We would like to congratulate the pair on their one year anniversary!
Today, Mrs Gaskarth posted a video from their big day shot by Thomas Falcone. You can watch it below.

Posted by Moe on 09 Apr 2017

New date announced in Manila

This morning, it was announced that All Time Low will be back in Manila, Philippines for a concert at the Mall Of Asia Arena next summer. This announcement makes us think that there are going to be more date announcements in Asia/Oceania in the next few months. Stay tuned!

The tickets will go on sale on 2 April 2017 on SM Tickets. Check out the details about the show below.
22 August 2017: Mall Of Asia Arena - Manila, Philippines

Posted by Moe on 31 Mar 2017

BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

Today, All Time Low were in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge to perform a few songs. They played the first single off their upcoming album, Dirty Laundry, as well as a cover of Lorde's song Green Light. You can watch both videos below.

A few pictures from their appearance at the BBC Radio 1 studios were posted in our gallery. Check them out!

Posted by Moe on 30 Mar 2017

Bristol: Recap and pictures

Last week, All Time Low performed a sold out show at the O2 Academy in Bristol, UK. The website Rock Shot attended the concert and wrote an article about it. You can read it below.
Young teens to early 20 females make up the majority of their fanbase, and if you couldn’t tell before, you most certainly can now as All Time Low are greeted from a reception of high-pitched squeals, screams and“I love you’s”. They swerve in with the jump-inducing songs, Kicking and Screaming, most apt as an introductory track and Weightless which sends nostalgic shivers down spines.

From looking around the room alone, you’d think, performing live, they’d be very style over substance band; hairspray’d still hair, skin tight jeans, enviable good looks with an irresistible charm and sense of humour. Okay, this is still true, but style isn’t their focus and from watching the rest of their set, it’s just an additional bonus.

Throughout, singer, Alex Gaskarth is stuck to his microphone to successfully reach those pitch perfect notes and faultless falsettos. Meanwhile, guitarist, Jack Barakat is almost untraceable in his movement – moving at a speed not dissimilar to a kid on red bull, unleashed in a theme park; jumping, skipping, head-banging, all whilst maintaining emoji-like facial expressions. Unironically, his sense of humour is that of a teen too.

This is not a criticism, though, in fact far from it. All Time Low have established early on in their career the type of fanbase they attract and how to get a response out of them. As a result, the setlist contains predominantly newer tracks like the epic A Love Like War, the harmony-driven Backseat Serenade and Dirty Laundry, which for a fresh release, receives a stadium-worthy singalong. They capitalise on what elements they know stick out – the genital jokes, the ‘old friends’ chat and their own flaws that they happily poke fun at, displaying a unique self-awareness that’s so rarely seen on stage.

Admittedly, genre-wise, All Time Low aren’t doing anything particularly unconventional or ground-breaking, but they’re more than music. They represent their own community through lyrics that resonate and their demeanour. They have a genuine understanding of who likes them, why and like parents with their children, they base their decisions on their fans – the explanation to their continuous growth and path to world domination.

Read more: Rock Shot

Check out a few pictures from that show in our gallery!

Posted by Moe on 28 Mar 2017

The Music: Interview about Last Young Renegade

The Australian website The Music talked to Alex to discuss how the band's 7th album differs from their previous records. You can read the article below.
They say don't meet your heroes, but thankfully, as All Time Low's humble frontman Alex Gaskarth describes the modus operandi behind their latest album, Last Young Renegade, to Uppy Chatterjee, we realise we have nothing to worry about.

We compare our current interview locations — he's in his hotel lobby in the small English town of Bedford, rehearsing for their UK tour. "It's very quiet in this room. I'm in the lobby, I feel like I'm kind of causing a scene by talking here. I think everybody can hear me yelling over everything." Well, we're kind of in a windy spot. "Are you on the high seas?" Gaskarth giggles.

It's this relaxed, chirpy sort of humour that has seen the Baltimore pop punk quartet surf to the top of their game since their 2004 debut EP, The Three Words To Remember When Dealing With The End. From writing songs after school in year ten to selling out arenas around the globe as they near 30, it's this mature hindsight of their years in the limelight that has shaped their seventh offering, Last Young Renegade.

Gaskarth boldly self-reflects that the record is a chance for him to "confront some of own personal stories".

"It's written about characters, but a lot of the stories kind of come from my own experiences and the experiences of the people closest to me," Gaskarth explains. With an over-arching "plot", it's the first time he, as the band's primary songwriter, has written an album this way.

"Since So Wrong It's Right and Nothing Personal we're all in different places!" he exclaims of their past penchant for writing uplifting, summery tracks. "We're not teens anymore and I think we've learned a lot about music and the way we write and the way we approach music — I think one of the big things at this point is to try and keep it fresh and finding ways to reinvent what the band does. So I think the way we approached this record was kinda a way to do that, it was a device to push us forward."

Aside from perhaps guitarist Jack Barakat's romantic relationship with Playboy bunny Holly Madison back in 2010, the band have always given controversy a wide berth, never giving critics or social media's pitchfork-wielding squad something to fire up about. It was surprising, then, to see Gaskarth publicly state that Last Young Renegade would address all "the different versions of me that other people might have met over the years, through the ups and the downs, in the public eye and behind closed doors". Does the band have indiscretions we don't know about?

"How do we replicate that sound but that feeling — that feeling of being pulled back into your childhood and your nostalgia."

"I don't necessarily think it's about drama, as far as being problematic or doing anything bad or wicked or evil, y'know? I don't think that's ever really been us," Gaskarth confesses. "But I definitely have moments I'm not proud of that are personal, and in my relationships, the way I've dealt with people one-on-one and things like that.

"There's always shades of grey to every person, you know, and no one is all good and all bad, so I think that's a lot of what this record is about — that if you could see yourself in a mirror and see all of your goods and bads, would you be happy with what you see?"

Despite the strong lyrical theme, the frontman is tentative to call the record a concept record, seemingly in respectful salute to all the bands that have done concept records "so much better than us", he says with a laugh.

"Yeah, y'know, that kinda keeps getting thrown out there, but I hesitate to say it's a concept record because it's not— like, I love concept records and I love bands that have done concept records. I think of, like, Pink Floyd and Coheed & Cambria and Green Day and My Chemical Romance and theirs are much more fully fleshed out than this one is, y'know?

"I think a lot of those have these stories that go along with them and ours I think is more— it has these overarching themes and sort of threads that connect these songs together. So in that sense, it has a story and a plot, but I hesitate to call it a concept record ... I don't wanna put that label on it and have people go, 'Well, I don't get it!'" he says with a goofy voice, "'Cause it's not quite that deep."

Alongside scores of musicians over the last year, Gaskarth and the band found themselves subconsciously inspired by the legacies of David Bowie, Prince and George Michael in the album, as well as Netflix hit Stranger Things and its soundtrack. As a result, their first single Dirty Laundry had a decidedly darker, synth-heavy line.

"Like, I remember always feeling nostalgic during that show, it reminded me of moments when I was like maybe 7 or 8 or 9 years old watching Ghostbusters for the first time and things like that, or like the original Tron," he says wistfully. "So it just took me back to a certain place. One of the big things was like, how do we replicate that sound but that feeling — that feeling of being pulled back into your childhood and your nostalgia."

The band's musical maturity has extended out to America's current socio-political unrest, too. Gaskarth in particular is outspoken about Trump and his recent executive orders, regularly replying back to fans on Twitter who try to defend them. Additionally, All Time Low created an ACLU benefit T-shirt with all proceeds headed to the civil liberties group — then they donated an extra $12,000 on top.

"I don't think people need to go out of their way to do anything they don't feel comfortable with, but for us, personally, doing the benefit for ACLU was really important to us," he says with a new air of solemnity. "It felt like a cause that felt like a really important human cause, regardless of political alignment. And so yeah, that's kind of where it came from for us. I hope that people use their platform to promote positive messages — I think that's one of the most important things you can do if you have a platform, to spread positivity, and I think we've always tried to do that."

Source: The Music

Posted by Moe on 24 Mar 2017

Alex talks about the song Last Young Renegade

Alex talked to Alternative Press about the band's newest single Last Young Renegade, which came out today. You can read the article below.
All Time Low have released the title track from their forthcoming new album, Last Young Renegade.

An anthemic banger that rings of “The Reckless And The Brave,” here’s a song that’ll have you immediately wishing you’re front row at their next show.

"At first, I didn't even know if this would go on the album! It didn't dawn on us until later that there was this story forming and that 'Last Young Renegade' could be such a cool piece of what the record was about," frontman Alex Gaskarth says to Alternative Press. "It was one of the earlier songs we wrote and we were living with it for a long time—and it was never clear to us that it should lead the album. But, it became such a clear integral piece that it didn't feel right going anywhere else. We tried it in a few different places, but ultimately it just felt like it set the tone for everywhere else the record goes.

"Especially for an All Time Low record, we needed to open with a banger, and open with one that had a lot of energy and movement. From a lyrical standpoint, that one sets up the characters. It became really obvious after a while, like, 'Oh yes, this is track one.'"

Last Young Renegade is set to release June 2 via Fueled By Ramen. You can hear the first single, "Dirty Laundry," here.

"I think one of the big things as we were working on the record was just pushing ourselves forward. When we put out Don't Panic we hit the reset button on the band, and we started looking at Don't Panic as if it was our first record out of the gate as a more realized version of All Time Low," Gaskarth told AP in a separate interview. "Then Future Hearts, and that felt like we started pushing the envelope forward and trying to expand the sound and grow. 'Dirty Laundry' is a continuation of that. It's taking the idea from the last album and continuing to push it forward and explore new things."

Source: Alternative Press

Posted by Moe on 24 Mar 2017

Last Young Renegade music video

After a lot of teasing, All Time Low released a second music video today for the eponymous song Last Young Renegade. You can now watch the music video below and get the song on iTunes.

Hope you enjoy the new single!

Check out the screen captures from the music video in our gallery!

x73: Music videos > Last Young Renegade > Captures

Posted by Moe on 24 Mar 2017

All Time Low in Manchester

Last night, Alex and Jack shot a video for their fans in Manchester to tell them to grab the last few tickets still available for the show tonight at the O2 Apollo.

You can watch the video by clicking the picture below.

Posted by Moe on 23 Mar 2017

Cambridge: Review and pictures

Last week, All Time Low performed a show in Cambridge, England. The website Gig Goer attended the concert and wrote a review of the night while quoting the band's on stage banter. You can read the article belwo.
Alright, let’s start with some quotes here. 14 is the number of years these guys have been in this band, 6 is the number of studio albums they’ve released to date, their record So Wrong, It’s Right will turn 10 years this September, 15 dates counts their March tour across the UK and Ireland and 1800, give or take, is tonight’s venue capacity. Not to mention the enormous number of hours All Time Low‘s fans have been waiting outside of Cambridge Corn Exchange on this fine Tuesday (I’m not counting the brave ones who decided to camp overnight of course).

We don’t have to wait long until four figures jump up on the stage and kick off with the flaring tune Kicking & Screaming, taken from their most recent album Future Hearts (2015). Clearly it’s more about screaming at this very moment, although a few individuals do pretty good job with all the kicking just to get closer to the front.

As the lyrics “Manage me, I’m a mess” of Weightless hit the ether the Baltimore’s finest remind everyone that they still know how to put on a thrilling show. Of course, opening with a couple of fan favourites aims for a great success but the reception of the audience is what makes it all special.

“Let’s see if you can sing along to this one” we hear from vocalist Alex Gaskarth before the band dives into the catchy tune Somewhere In Neverland. The bond between the band and the crowd is tight giving tonight a sense of family reunion.

All Time Low have mastered the art of live performance over the years. Their delivery is precise, their engagement and stage persona are strong, their relationship with the fans is to be envied. What’s more, they never lose their sense of humour.

“How are we doing down there Cambridge?!”, Alex welcomes everyone in the room as Jack Barakat reveals some interesting facts about his personal life: “You might not know this but I actually went to Cambridge. That’s on my Wikipedia page”.

“He’s lying” Alex clarifies quickly. “He doesn’t have a Wikipedia page”.

“Can someone make a Wikipedia page for me and say I went to Cambridge? And my mom thinks I’m a virgin. Can someone put that on Wiki page as well?”.

“And that’s another lie”, Alex interrupts. “Anyway, the last time we played here it was 2012. I’m gonna teach you something now. It’s very easy”, he says leaving a space for melodic chants of Cinderblock Garden‘s intro to follow. No one needs any more encouragements naturally.

The band makes sure to satisfy the old and new fans respectively as they bring back the old-school rawness of Six Feet Under The Stars (So Wrong, It’s Right 2007) and Canals from the extended version of their 2012’s Don’t Panic.

“You guys are doing an amazing job. How are you guys upstairs? I miss you” Alex gets a bit emotional while Jack shares more secrets, as he does, including the revelation about his underwear. Judging on the numbers of the ladies’ bras hanging from his mic stand, it seems totally justified.

The glorious visuals in the form of flashing lights accompany the set adding a dazzling factor to the entire live experience. Guitar-driven Something’s Gotta Give sees people on each other’s shoulders whilst giant balloons flood the room. Red lights quickly turn into blue as All Time Low serve another straightforward banger Kids In The Dark. Zack Merrick and Rian Dawson keep a tight rein on the rhythmical structure with the on-point drum work and groovy basslines whilst the other two entertain the audience.

“Thank you so much. You guys are one of my favourite cities. It’s fucking beautiful. We’ve been a band for a while now, about 13-14 years now. That’s crazy. Thank you for keeping us going. Thank you for keeping us alive. We’ve got a new album coming out. I want you to sing it if you know this one. It’s called Dirty Laundry“, and many people already sing back the lyrics.

But moving on then as the band gears up to proceed but a little hassle erupts at the back of the stage. Jack is here with an explanation of course, “Rian, you keep breaking stuff!” and he dives headfirst into rapping. Yep, we are lucky to get a sneak of Limp Bizkit’s ‘Break Stuff’ what makes quite an interesting turn.

“Jack is in the zone right now. He doesn’t know lyrics to any of our songs but somehow he knows this one” the singer ponders. Well, it is impressive either way.

The show continues to vary. We slow down a little bit with acoustic version of the emotive Missing You and Therapy, just to get back on the road of punchy A Love Like War, Backseat Serenade and live favourite Take Cover.

It’s been a blast but the end is fast approaching. The confetti cannons have been kept for the grand finale as well as the tracks Lost In Stereo and Dear Maria, Count Me In.

As the lyrics of the latter “‘Cause I got your picture, I’m coming with you / Dear Maria, count me in / There’s a story at the bottom of this bottle” keep ringing for a while, I reflect on the show and realise that surely some hearts have been amended tonight as well as some have been broken and a few tears have been shed. I wish we’d been served with more new offerings but I guess we need to wait longer until new album Last Young Renegade comes out later this year. I’m pretty sure, these guys are yet to surprise us big time.

Read more: Gig Goer

A few pictures were posted on their website. You can check them out in our gallery.

Posted by Moe on 21 Mar 2017

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