Behind The Scenes: Kids In The Dark and Runaways

Hopeless Records has posted two new videos in which we can see the band recording the tracks Kids In The Dark and Runaways. Watch the videos by clicking the pictures below.

Posted by Moe on 08 Apr 2015

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A day on social media

Today All Time Low was on MTV's Twitter account to answer some fan questions. The band posted a video to answer one of them. Check it out below.

Jack has just posted a video in which we can see him hanging out with fans. Watch it below.

The pictures which were posted today on Twitter were all added to the gallery.

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Posted by Moe on 07 Apr 2015

Facebook videos: Something's Gotta Give and Rock TV

Hopeless Records has posted a behind the scenes video for the making of the song Something's Gotta Give, in which we can see Rian adjust his drums.
Moreover, ROCK TV Italia has posted a video of Alex and Jack in which they are talking about the band's newest album Future Hearts. Watch the two videos by clicking the pictures below.

Posted by Moe on 07 Apr 2015

May The Rock Be With You: Interview with Alex

The Australian website May The Rock Be With You recently posted an interview they did with Alex. Check out the questions on the album Future Hearts below.
To start us of, in relation to the new album, can you tell us about the title ‘Future Hearts’ and what it represents to you personally?
The title kind of comes from all these moments throughout our career where we sort of felt free or kind of the most alive that we ever felt, you kind of have those moments as a kid when you first start feeling the shackles of your youth kind of come off and suddenly the whole world’s at your fingertips and it’s kind of sort of about that. Aligning with that past of freedom and self-discovery and doing what makes you happy and sticking to that path and how we sort of chased that for our career.

Obviously after twelve years a band needs to evolve a little and I love what you’ve done on ‘Future Hearts’ did you go into this album with an idea of how you wanted it to come together?
I think so, not a clear cut one at first, the record started taking shape as we started writing songs but we definitely knew we wanted to push things, we wanted to make a dynamic record, we didn’t want to do a repeat of the one we had just put out before. Those were all the things that we went in with to start and then I think when we wrote a couple of songs that felt like they were going to be winners for the album, that’s when we started pushing it and saying alright, we have a story here and the story is basically about what I just told you before.

Six albums in now does it get easier with each release or is it the opposite and you continually try to or feel you need to do something different?
You know it’s kind of weird because it gets easier in the sense of you know how to approach it and you know there are a lot of similar steps and all of that so a lot of that gets easier, but at the same time there’s obviously a strive to keep things original and to not keep making the same record and to push yourself to grow, and also on the other side of that coin, we as a band also know what we do and are familiar with what people come to expect from us, so there’s also an aspect of that we don’t want to betray our fans, we don’t want to let people down by making a record that completely throws them for a loop. There’s a time and a place for change but we didn’t feel we were quite there yet as in taking a massive left turn or anything like that, so it’s sort of a balancing act of creatively growing enough but not so much that we end up with a product that no one recognises anymore.

On this album you’ve worked solely with John Feldman as producer, a guy you worked with a little on ‘Dirty Work’ why was he the choice for this record and what did he bring to the band?
You know John has just been a good friend for a long time. We’ve worked on other stuff together and he’s just a really talented guy, he knows our genre, he knows our band, he gets it, and that was a big thing, having a guy that gets what he’s coming into. We didn’t want someone to helm this thing that was going to try and take us off in a bizarre direction because it just wasn’t what we were looking for and he just kind of fit the mould for that and he’s such a good creative force, he’s done a bunch of albums that we’re fans of and all sorts of things so it seemed like a no brainer at the time.

Listening to the album ‘Runaways’ stood out for me, man, what a song and hook, is there a story behind that one specifically?
Oh dude thank you. Yeah essentially it’s kind of about young love and how young love can end up lasting and sort of really about me and my now fiancé and how we’ve been through a lot of stuff together… years of stuff *laughs* and good times, bad times and all of it. It’s kind of about just those celebrating that we’ve managed to escape all the negativity and we sort of ended up in this really great place together. When that happens it feels like you’ve escaped some sort of crazy catastrophe, what did you do to get here and that’s sort of what that song is about.

Posted by Moe on 07 Apr 2015

White Guy Talk Show

Yesterday, Alex and Jack were on Fuse, on the show White Guy Talk Show. A clip from their appearance was posted on the web. In the video, they are talking about the bras which are thrown on stage at their shows. Watch it by clicking the picture below.

Edit: Check out the full interview below.

Posted by Moe on 07 Apr 2015

Acoustic show at the Empire State Building

Yesterday morning, the band performed a surprise show on top of the Empire State Building in New York. Hopeless Records has posted a video showing the behind the scenes of their show. Watch it below. You can also check out a video posted by Artisan News.

Many pictures from this acoustic set were added to the gallery. I have also posted a few pictures from Twitter.

Posted by Moe on 07 Apr 2015

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Future Hearts: Video and interview

Hopeless Records has posted a video in which we can see the band recording the song Satellite, which is the opening track on their new album Future Hearts. Click this link to watch it.

A new interview featuring Alex when the band was in the Netherlands was posted on YouTube and you can check it out below.

Posted by Moe on 06 Apr 2015

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