Sydney: Alex singing a capella, update video and photos

As mentioned before, the band had to cut its set short in Sydney at the Soundwave Festival because of a storm. But Alex came back on stage to sing Weightless a capella as well as part of the song We Will Rock You by the band Queen. Watch the video below.
The band has also added the update video from this show in Sydney. You can also check it out below.

The first pictures from this show in Sydney were added to the gallery and you can now check them out.

Posted by Moe on 02 Mar 2015

February tours: Videos and pictures

The photographer Adam Elmakias was with the band on their arena tour with You Me At Six in the United Kingdom. He has posted a video in which he is explaining what he is doing during a show, here the one in London, and he is showing us how he is taking the pictures and how he chooses the best ones. Watch it below.

All Time Low was at Soundwave Festival in Sydney. Unfortunately, they had to cut their set short due to the bad weather which destroyed the band's gear. However, Alex went back on stage to sing a capella and we will post videos of that moment as soon as they are available on the Internet. For now, check out the update video from Brisbane below.

A few new pictures from this show in Brisbane as well as the show in Manchester were added to the gallery.

Posted by Moe on 01 Mar 2015

Australia: Podcast and pictures

Jack was recently a guest in the radio show Eddie Jason & Chris to talk about All Time Low, Future Hearts and touring. You can listen to the podcast for free if you download it on iTunes. Jack is on the phone with the host at 40:40.

A few new pictures of the band in Australia were added to the gallery. Check out the pictures of a show at Soundwave Festival as well as a few photos which were posted on Twitter.

Posted by Moe on 28 Feb 2015

Nova 100: Rian and Alex

Rian and Alex were at Nova 100, which is another Australian radio station. In the show Smallzy's Surgery, they talked about Alex collaborating with the Australian band 5 Seconds Of Summer. Watch the video below.

Posted by Moe on 27 Feb 2015

Interview on the dress (Alex and Rian)

The Australian radio station Shazam Top 20 has posted a video in which Alex and Rian are discussing the colours of a dress which has been driving the Internet crazy since yesterday. Watch it by clicking the picture below. Don't forget to deactivate the sound of the radio on the blue button at the bottom of the screen before watching it.

Posted by Moe on 27 Feb 2015

Australia: Video and pictures

The band performed its two headlining shows, the sidewaves, in Melbourne and Sydney in Australia, and a recap video of the two nights was posted on the band's Instagram account. Watch it below.

There is no picture of those two sidewaves yet, but I have added many pictures taken at Soundwave Festival in Melbourne and Adelaide. You can also check out a few pictures which were posted on the social networks in the gallery.

Posted by Moe on 27 Feb 2015

Throwback Thursday: MLB Fan Cave 2012

For this week's Throwback Thursday, I have added a few pictures from their appearance at MLB Fan Cave in New York in 2012.
The video of the week features the song For Baltimore from the album Don't Panic.

Posted by Moe on 26 Feb 2015

Preview: Kids In The Dark

Amazon enables you to listen to a preview of the song Kids In The Dark, which will be featured on the band's upcoming album Future Hearts. Listen to the song by clicking this link.

Edit: The preview was deleted from Amazon.

Posted by Moe on 26 Feb 2015

Future Hearts Tour: Promo videos

Alex has recently shot many videos to promote the upcoming Future Hearts Tour in various American cities. Watch the videos he shot for Philadelphia and St Paul below, and click the different links to hear the messages for the other cities.

Dallas - Boca Raton - Denver - Pittsburgh

Posted by Moe on 25 Feb 2015

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