MTV interview with Alex and Jack

When All Time Low was at Reading Festival, MTV got to interview them to talk about their career and what we can expect from them in the future. You can read the article below.
I saw you back in 2008 with Cobra Starship, on your co-headline UK tour, what’s changed since then?
Jack Barakat: “Not much! We’re all a little bit hairier.”
Alex Gaskarth: “Yeah I have slightly more chest hair now. I mean, so many things have changed, we’ve grown up a lot, we were young then, we were kids, so it’s pretty wild to know that we’re still a band.”
Jack: “That tour was really special to us because it was our first time seeing an All Time Low crowd in the UK, so I think that was very special because we knew this was going to become one of our favourite places to tour. It kind of jump-started our career here and made us want to come back more.”
Alex: “It was a very early indicator for us that there were people getting really passionate about our band here.”

What’s different about the UK?
A: “I think that the UK has just always embraced rock music, there’s an undying love for rock and roll here. For a band that walks that line it’s made things much better for us.”

What’s it like to be sharing the Reading main stage with the likes of Panic! At The Disco? Those guys have been around a similar time to you and on the same circuit…
A: “It’s pretty rad, I love those guys, we’ve grown up next to them and we’ve both been at it for a really long time.”
J: “I admire Brendon, I think he’s a great performer.”
A: “It’s one of the things I always love about Reading, you can pretty much guarantee that there’s gonna be some peers and friends on the bill with you so it’s always fun.”

You’ve just announced a UK arena tour, tell me a bit more about that, are you excited to be coming back next year?
J: “Of course! It’s our first headlining arena tour in the world, it’s awesome that we’re getting to do it in the UK.”

You’re playing the O2 Arena, which is huge!
A: “I know, it’s insane, it really is.”
J: “It’s intimidating!”
A: “We kept getting asked to come back and bring the Future Hearts tour to the UK so this is our best way of doing that and hitting as many people as we can.”

We’re coming to the end of festival season, has this year been a busy one?
A: “Oh my gosh, yeah! This year has been insane, it’s been non-stop since the record came out we’ve been touring, touring, touring. It’s a great way to spend your summer, the festival circuit is so much fun, we’re sort of wrapping it up in Europe with Reading and Leeds, this is a great way to end it.”

What can we expect from your set here at Reading this year?
A: “A dance party!”
J: “I think the best part about these shows is that you never know what’s going to happen. They’re very spontaneous which usually makes for an interesting show.”

We’ve got the VMAs coming up on sunday (August 31), what do you think about Miley Cyrus hosting them?
J: “Big Miley fans.”
A: “I love Miley, I think she’s gonna kill it. She’s so, so charismatic and she’s hilarious so I think she’s perfect for it.”
J: “I think she’s punk-rock as f**k too! She just does whatever she wants.”

I know you’ve been non-stop since the album came out, but when can we expect some new music?
A: “I don’t know, that’s such a good question. We are still so heavily into Future Hearts right now that it’s hard to think about what’s gonna come next. Who knows! Maybe next year, I don’t know, we’ll have to see.

Obviously you're absolutely huge now, where do you envisage yourselves five years down the line?
A: “Hopefully still doing this! It’s not something we want to stop doing. We want to keep growing it, we wanna keep playing for as many people as we possibly can.”
J: “Yeah, five years ago we were playing like 1st or 2nd on the Main Stage at Reading, and we’ve all said we just wanna be deeper in the line up. We wanna headline Reading one day. We started in a tent so it’s cooler to be here on the Main Stage.”

Finally, if you had to share a tent with two people from the line-up who would it be and why?
J: “Brendon is a good cuddler.”
A: “And he’s got some good ghost stories.”
J: “And Vic Fuentes from Pierce The Veil, he’s a gentle man. Vic and Brendon, no girls apparently! It’s a boy’s club.

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Abstratti Produtora interview with Alex

On the 13th of September 2015, All Time Low will play in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Before the show, the Brazilian website Abstratti Produtora interviewed Alex to talk about Future Hearts and their upcoming show in South America. Read the translation written by Oh Calamity below.
Your latest album is entitled Future Hearts (2015). With this idea, how would you like future hearts to act? What would people with a good heart be like?
Alex Gaskarth — I think that we need to treat each other with respect and kindness. Moreover, I think it’s necessary to realise that life is all about enjoying moments with other people.

When you started the band, you were still in high school. Now that you have grown as artists, how do you think that you have evolved as a person who is successful and is used to touring the world?
Alex Gaskarth — We learn a lot just by seeing so many things around the world. When you have been travelling since you were really young, you get that feeling that the world is smaller as it looks and that we all live similar lives. This brought me closer to other human beings.

You named your band after a song by New Found Glory (who already played at Opinião in Porto Alegre, where you will also perform). By the way, you have already toured with NFG and other bands that you look up to. How does it feel to be close to those bands whose music you grew up with? And even better, how does it feel to play on the same stage as them?
Alex Gaskarth — It’s always awesome to share the stage with the people who used to be our heroes when we were teenagers, and to be able to call many of them our friends now. We have come a long way.

All Time Low released six albums, a few EPs and many singles — which is quite a lot for a band that has only been around since 2003. Has it always been in your plans to keep recording albums and release that many songs?
Alex Gaskarth — I’m not sure we ever had a plan. It’s hard to say because I could never have imagined that the band would go this far. We just decide on the moment as we want to give our fans what they expect from us. Everything we do, we do it so as to make our fans happy.

As a musician, what do you think changed the most since you released your first album The Party Scene (2005)?
Alex Gaskarth — We grew up a lot. We are totally different songwriters now — because we actually know what we are doing now. Haha!

About Full Frontal (the radio show hosted by Alex and guitarist Jack Barakat): where did the idea of starting such a project come from? Can you tell us more about it?
Alex Gaskarth — We just thought it would be fun to extend what Jack and I do on stage. There are many interactions with the fans and we tell a lot of jokes. So, in a way, Full Frontal is a continuity of the fun times we have on stage.

ATL is said to belong to the genre of pop punk. Do you mind this label or doesn’t it matter to you?
Alex Gaskarth — I don’t think it matters that much to us.

How does it feel to be on stage and be connected to the people who enjoy your music? Can we expect an amazing performance in Porto Alegre?
Alex Gaskarth — Everything that matters to us in ATL is to interact with the fans. When we hit the stage, we want to make sure that the audience is enjoying the show with us. So, everything has to do with the chemistry we have with the people who came to see us. We want the crowd to be left with great memories of our shows.

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Photographers: Oh Calamity is recruiting!

All Time Low are about to tour the world once again this year, and we want you guys to work for us. If you are an aspiring photographer and dream to shoot a concert, we would love to give you this opportunity! We have already worked with Alice Chanal back in 2011, and we are looking for people from anywhere in the world to shoot pictures of All Time Low and be featured in our gallery.

Send us an email at with the information requested below and we will contact the concert venues for you in order to try to get you a photo pass.
Name and country
Camera brand
A few pictures you took (not necessarily at shows)

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Sunday Brunch: Watch Alex and Jack cook

Yesterday, All Time Low was on the show Sunday Brunch to learn how to cook. You can watch the video of Jack and Alex cooking and talking sports while Rian and Zack are watching, below.

A few new pictures from this appearance were posted on Scream Promotions's Twitter account and they are now available in our gallery. Check them out!

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Leeds Festival: Interviews and pictures

A few days ago, we shared a written interview which Alex and Jack did with BBC Newsbeat at Leeds Festival. Today, the website posted the video of this interview on their YouTube account. You can watch it below.
The same website posted another interview in which Jack and Alex are sharing their best stage fails. Click this link to watch it.

The first pictures from Leeds Festival were added to the gallery a few days ago. Here is the recap.

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Sunday Brunch: Something's Gotta Give and pictures

This morning, All Time Low was on the show Sunday Brunch on British television. The band learnt to cook and they also got to play the first single off Future Hearts: Something's Gotta Give. Watch the performance below.

A few pictures from this appearance were added to the gallery. Check them out!

+01 : Social media > Jack's twitter
+01 : Social media > Other twitters
x02 : Appearances > 30 August 2015 - Sunday Brunch

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BBC Newsbeat: Interview at Leeds Festival

BBC Newbeat posted a short video in which Alex and Jack are showing us their best dance moves. You can watch it by clicking the picture below.

You can also read their interview with Jack and Alex, in which they are talking about their upcoming arena tour in the United Kingdom:
All Time Low have announced their first solo UK arena tour.
Taking place in February 2016, the band admit they'll have a production budget to play with to put on a show.
You'd expect flames for a show of that size, but guitarist Jack Barakat says they might shun the pyrotechnics.
"We're not gonna do fire... we're gonna do ice!" he says.
"It kind of sounds dangerous but we're gonna do it."
He may be tongue-in-cheek but it's going to be a big moment for the US band, who previously did a joint arena tour with their mates You Me At Six.
They'll play five arena dates as part of their Back To The Future Hearts tour.
"It's the first time we've ever played anything at that level," says Jack. "The sky's the limit." Frontman Alex Gaskarth adds: "We're still in that phase of planning exactly what we're going to do but there's going to be so much room for stuff."

The band speak to us from their dressing room at Leeds Festival, the day after performing at Reading.
"Reading was insane," says Alex.
"We brought a bunch of people up on the stage for Time-Bomb but it was tough because the stage is huge and there's a bit of distance from the crowd."
"Getting them up on stage took a little longer than expected," says Jack. "So it started to get a bit awkward. Time was dragging and dragging.
"In the end we started the song but as soon as we began, the people from the crowd made it to have a dance with us."

With 1.5 million followers on Twitter, the band receive an extensive amount of fan art.
"People think we're the artists but our fans are way more talented than us," says Jack.
"There's a girl called Holly who does these cartoon versions of us," adds Alex. "I'm addicted to them."
"She's done a series of them so pretty much any time we do anything she draws a new version of us, usually within an hour.
"Someone also gave us a drawing of all of us on the iron throne in Game of Thrones. It was awesome and really well done."
If you're worried about them hearing show spoilers, don't worry. They're up to date with the series.

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Reading Festival: Gigwise interview and pictures

Yesterday, Alex and Jack were interviewed by the website Gigwise and they talked about their new album Future Hearts and their upcoming UK tour. Watch the video below.
The people living in the United Kingdom can also watch the band's full performance shot yesterday. Click this link.

More pictures from Reading Festival were added to the gallery. Check them out!

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