Columbus Underground interview with Jack

Jack recently gave an interview to Columbus Underground to talk about the upcoming Alternative Press Music Awards and the band's future album. Read the article below and don't forget to watch the ceremony tonight on Amazon.
Still riding the momentum of their most recent album Future Hearts and its third single “Missing You”, Baltimore-based pop punk outfit All Time Low has been spending some quality time in Columbus as of late. Last weekend, they performed a headlining set at PromoWestFest. This week, the band’s principal guitarists and vocalists Jack Barakat and Alex Gaskarth will serve as hosts of the 2016 Journeys Alternative Press Music Awards fueled by Monster Energy. The ceremony will take place live Monday night at the Schottenstein Center (tickets are available for public purchase), with a multi-platform live stream broadcast available to fans worldwide.

Last year, the band (Barakat, Gaskarth, along with bassist and backing vocalist Zack Merrick and drummer Rian Dawson) were big APMA winners, walking away with four honors in total. But for Jack Barakat, being recognized by the AP is more than just about winning awards – it’s an important publication that has given his band – and many others before it – the necessary exposure and credibility to be viable commercially and artistically. “You know man, AP has been so good to us – and it’s pretty crazy thinking…I remember being back in high school in ninth and tenth grade and subscribing to the Alternative Press, reading all of the articles and being jealous of all the bands – I never thought we’d become one of the bands that have actually been regulars on the cover of AP. It was kind of instrumental in taking our band from small club venues into playing other bigger clubs, outdoor amphitheaters – whatever it was. It kind of legitimized our band a little bit and made us real – like, a real thing.”

After the APMAs conclude, All Time Low will embark on a summer tour alongside Blink 182 – a musical force that has been deeply influential in the band’s growth and approach to the craft. “It’s actually crazy – we grew up on Blink 182; they’re the reason we’re a band today,” explains Barakat. “We got to tour with them a couple of years back in Europe – we did two or three months with them (there). We get a lot of our live show banter based off what Tom and Mark had going on. So, I remember thinking when we toured with them a couple of years back ‘how are we going to put on our normal show without ripping Blink off because they’re playing right after us?’ So we kind of eased into it and it helped us become our own thing and separate ourselves from them on that tour. We’ve kept a close relationship with Mark Hoppus over the years. It’s kind of weird – he invites over for dinner at his house…it’s kind of weird having your idol text you and be like ‘hey, come over for dinner!’…We asked him to sing on our last album and he obliged. So when it came around for them to have their comeback this year with Matt Skiba, he personally texted us actually – a group chat with the whole band – and said ‘hey, I know you guys aren’t touring anymore this year, but we’d really like you to be a part of this tour.’ To be honest…obviously we were excited that they asked us, but we kind of wanted to focus on making a new album. It got to a point when we had a band conversation and said ‘we can’t turn this down.We should just do this.’ It’s weird to say that we had to have that conversation, but at this point we wanted to focus more on our careers rather than something that was a short-term thing.”

That next album in the queue to which Barakat refers has continued to make swift progress despite their unexpected summer plans. “Alex is a writing maniac. As soon as we get off the road, he takes a week off and he’s kind of itching to get back to writing. He did this a few months ago after we finished touring for Future Hearts – he started writing and he just killed it. So we feel strong enough to go in and start tracking some of those songs at this point. It’s pretty awesome how motivated and creative Alex is. It kind of makes our jobs easier, I’d say, to prepare for a new album already.”

Barakat has also been pursuing some entrepreneurial opportunities outside the band. “I opened a rock bar in Baltimore a couple of years ago. It was such a fun project and…it’s kind of a weird thing to go back to your parents and tell them that ‘this was the side business I’ve decided to take on.’ Alex wants to write for other artists; Rian wants to become a producer. And I want to open bars,” he jokes. “But it’s a really fun thing to do, in my opinion, and it’s just kind of like another way to be creative – and be creative in a different way with more of an artistic vibe in creating a space for rock and roll to live outside of shows. That’s kind of what we’re doing in L.A. now, and it’s crazy to see. There are no rock bars out here, really…like, good ones. So it’s just wild to see this place come together where all these fans of music are in the same place. And it’s not a show, you know – it’s a place where everyone’s kicking it and having a good time, and it’s fun to be a part of.”

All Time Low has been performing together in some form since Barakat and Gaskarth were teenagers growing up in the general vicinity of Baltimore. I ask Barakat if their roots in that city have any kind of specific influence on their sound. “That’s a good question – I’ve never actually gotten that question before,” he pauses. “The thing about Baltimore is that it’s small town…it’s a big city, but it’s the kind of place where you’re likely to run into someone you know. It’s the kind of mentality that where you’re younger, you think ‘we want to get out of this place and see the world and find out what it has to offer.’ It motivated us early to tour and get out there and see the world. It sparked a lot of musical creativity in us. We love Baltimore – it’s a good place to go back to you when you’ve been on the road for two years at a time. But it definitely sparked a curiosity in us to see bigger things.”

While they continue to discover the very big world around them as their success proliferates, Barakat insists that the band’s stable foundation plays a major role in their ability to keep moving forward. “At this point, from at least touring the US, we’ve kind of created a touring camp almost,” he shares. “We bring our own road case and it has a TV, video games, and movies, a couple of CDs. We have tents and so we barbecue every day – and we kind of just…it’s one thing that kind of just keeps you sane on the road. Some kind of consistency – just having all your friends around. It doesn’t give you a chance to be lonely on the road when you’re surrounded by such good people. We take pride in who we select for our crew – we don’t just choose people who are good at their jobs, but we actually choose people we like to be around that are going to keep us in good spirits. We don’t want any, like, jaded old rock people – just people who have a positive mentality. It really, really makes a big difference – surrounding yourself with happy people.”

Surrounding yourself with good music that grounds you is also an important part of the equation – even if your chosen playlist is different from the genre within which your band typically plays. “Yeah, I think most people who’d get to know All Time Low would be really surprised to know what we listen to,” Barakat muses. “You know, we’ve been playing pop and punk rock our entire lives, but to be honest we don’t listen to much pop punk at this point. Two of my favorite artists in the world are Lana Del Rey and John Mayer. John Mayer is probably my favorite artists. We just live such crazy lives with the chaos and the crowds – I like the kind of music that brings me down and kind of clears my mind from all of it and relaxes me. That’s what I find in (him) and Lana.”

Posted by Moe on 18 Jul 2016

APMAs: Videos of Alex and Jack

Tonight, Alex and Jack will host the 3rd annual Alternative Press Music Awards in Columbus, OH. Alternative Press has posted two videos of the presidential race between Alex and Jack. Watch one of them below and see the other one here.

Watch the #APMAS LIVE!

Watch the Journeys Alternative Press Music Awards Fueled by Monster Energy starting at 7pm EST TOMORROW at

Posted by Alternative Press on domingo, 17 de julio de 2016

Yesterday, Jack and Alex answered a few questions on MTV. Watch the video below.

Jack Barakat and Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low are answering questions backstage at the APMAs

Posted by MTV on domingo, 17 de julio de 2016

Posted by Moe on 18 Jul 2016

Alex with Set It Off: 'Something New' writing session

Alex recently wrote a song entitled Something New with the band Set It Off. You can watch a video of their collaboration during the writing session and listen to the full song below.

Posted by Moe on 15 Jul 2016

MLB All-Star Concerts

Yesterday, All Time Low played a free show at the All-Star Concerts in San Diego, CA. Alex and Jack got to talk about their favourite baseball team, the Baltimore Orioles, in the video below (click the picture to watch).

All Time Low plays to Cali crowd
Formed in 2003, All Time Low hails from Towson, MD, a suburb of Baltimore. Unsurprisingly, the band members are die-hard Orioles fans, an allegiance they haven't waivered from no matter where their travels take them.

Although they were very young during the Orioles glory years of the mid-1990s, the band members can reflect upon the era of Cal Ripken Jr., Brady Anderson, Roberto Alomar and B.J. Surhoff and realize how lucky they were to be coming of age as baseball fans at the same time that the Orioles were such a powerhouse.

"They were just killing it at the time," lead singer Alex Gaskarth said. "It was a good time to be an O's fan." Such is still the case today, Gaskarth was quick to point out.

"This is our year," he said. "We've got it. Most home runs in the league -- I think we've got this one. It's a productive team."

All Time Low performed 12 songs, including "Kids In The Dark," "Backseat Serenade," "Weightless" and "Dear Maria, Count Me In." Engaging with an obvious liking to playing to the crowd, the band fit in well with the festive, loose scene at the Embarcadero.

"There's no better thing than playing an awesome show outside when it's this beautiful," Gaskarth said. "It's a free show, there's a lot of people here hanging out, excited about baseball, excited about music."

Posted by Moe on 10 Jul 2016

Straight To DVD II: Past, Present, and Future Hearts

All Time Low have just announced the release date for their long awaited 2nd live DVD: Straight To DVD II: Past, Present, and Future Hearts. It was shot at the SSE Arena Wembley on 20 March 2015.
It will be released on 26 August 2016 and you can pre order your copy on this page.

You can watch the trailer below.

The tracklisting includes two new songs: Caroline and Take Cover.
A Love Like War
Lost In Stereo
Somewhere In Neverland
The Irony Of Choking On A Lifesaver
Remembering Sunday (feat. Cassadee Pope)
Kids In The Dark
Outlines (feat. Josh Franceschi)
Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)
Forget About It
Backseat Serenade
Something's Gotta Give
The Reckless And The Brave
Dear Maria, Count Me In
Take Cover
Caroline (B-Side)

Posted by Moe on 07 Jul 2016

Throwback Thursday: Glamour Kills 2007

For this week's Throwback Thursday, I have decided to add pictures of All Time Low wearing one of the oldest collections of the brand Glamour Kills.

As for the video of the week, watch Alex and Zack perform an acoustic version of Coffee Shop Soundtrack at the Glamour Kills store opening back in 2007.

x03 : Photoshoots > Modelling > 001

Posted by Moe on 07 Jul 2016

Summerfest: Setlist and first pictures

Yesterday, All Time Low performed at the festival Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI and share the stage with the band Blink-182. You can check out their setlist below.
Kids In The Dark
Backseat Serenade
Lost In Stereo
Dancing With A Wolf
Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)
Missing You
Something's Gotta Give
Dear Maria, Count Me In

The first pictures taken at the festival were posted in our gallery. Check them out!

Posted by Moe on 06 Jul 2016

New AWG collection

Glamour Kills has just released the new AWG collection in collaboration with Alex. You can check out and buy the shirts and pullovers on this link.
"Fools Like We" is the next step in the ever evolving AWG/GK brand. The collaborative brainchild of All Time Low frontman Alex Gaskarth and company founder, Mark Capicotto, with an aesthetic built around punk and alternative culture. Launched in 2010, & reimagined for 2016, AWG // "Fools Like We" represents a call to the like-minded, those who revel in the freedom to make mistakes, to find harmony in chaos: They say they know better, when there's really no better way to be - Fools Like We
Find a few more pictures from the photoshoot in our gallery.

+03 : Photoshoots > Modelling > 015

Posted by Moe on 05 Jul 2016

Jack on Doin' It Raw

A few days ago, Jack was invited in actor Tyler Posey's podcast Doin' It Raw to talk about music and TV. You can listen to the whole show below if you missed it.

A few pictures taken during the podcast were posted in our gallery. Check them out!

x01 : Appearances > 1 July 2016 - Raw Podcast

Posted by Moe on 04 Jul 2016

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