The Rockwell clothing line

Jack just revealed a brand new clothing line for his bar in Baltimore. You can buy the clothes on this link.

A few pictures of Jack modelling for this project were posted in our gallery.

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Posted by Moe on 20 Jun 2016

Taking One For The Team Canadian Tour

All Time Low have just announced that they will be back in Canada in November with Simple Plan and PVRIS for Simple Plan's Taking One For The Team Canadian Fall Tour. You can check out the dates below.
17 November 2016: Budweiser Gardens - London, ON
18 November 2016: Air Canada Centre - Toronto, ON
19 November 2016: TD Place Arena - Ottawa, ON
21 November 2016: Centre Videotron - Quebec City, QC
22 November 2016: Scotiabank Centre - Halifax, NS

Posted by Moe on 20 Jun 2016

Pictures: Grand Opening of The Riff

On 17 June, Jack opened his brand new bar The Riff, this time in Los Angeles, CA. Before the grand opening, he answered a few questions on Alternative Press. You can read a few excerpts below.
You opened The Rockwell, a scene-oriented bar in Baltimore, a few years ago. What made you want to get this one in LA started?
JACK BARAKAT: I started the Rockwell because of a buddy who owns an old record store in Baltimore, one of the oldest record stores still around in the East Coast, called Soundgarden. There are so many bars in Baltimore that are just, you know, you just go in and drink. Some of them have like open mics and some of them are just sports bars. There wasn't anything like a theme bar, where people wanted to hear good rock music and early-2000s emo/pop punk go. We would tour England, and they had tons of places like this. It's so common over there to see that, and I was like, "Why isn't that over here in the U.S.?" There are just as many fans of this style of music in this genre of music in the States. I think it's slowly starting to make its way to the U.S., you know, with things like Emo Night out in LA, and then there's one in Brooklyn. They have it all over now. After going to see Emo Night and seeing how all these bands need a place to hang out, not only for Taking Back Tuesdays, which is only one night a month, but just having a spot to kind of go to on the weekends as well.
We had so much success with the Rockwell in Baltimore. It's a bar where you don't care. No one is too cool to dance or rock out—just kind of like, lose their shit. There's no judgement. It's kind of a place for everyone to be themselves, and I think that's what we want to do in LA. When I first moved out to LA when I was 21, Angels and Kings was about to open up. Pete Wentz asked me and Alex if we wanted to be investors, so we had a hand in the opening of Angels and Kings out there. It was an unbelievable setting for us to have. When you're 21, you're young, you just moved to a new city, and here you go, you have this bar where tons of fans are hanging out and people your age, and everyone kind of has the same mentality. There's nothing like that in LA right now, and I miss that.
I’m in a partnership with Jon Nichols. He's a really big part of this. He's the one that brought this to me.

Why can't someone miss going to The Riff? What do you think will be the thing that gets people in the door?
I think the atmosphere is going to be amazing. First of all, it's pretty fucking packed. It's a really big bar, so it's a cool place to throw parties because there's enough room where in one of the rooms, we can have a live acoustic band set-up, so if a band has an album release party, or they have just anything they want to do, any kind of event, there's just so much room. It's going to be music-themed. There are going to be instruments all over the place, and band pictures of your favorite bands from live shows. It's just going to be very music inspired and driven. We kind of want to do what we did with the Rockwell in Baltimore and create a space where you can be yourself with no judgement and just listen to what you want to listen to. It's not to say that it'll only be rock music played there. There's going to be something for everyone. But that's going to be a majority of it.
A few hours ago, pictures from the grand opening appeared on the web. You can find them in our gallery!

Posted by Moe on 19 Jun 2016

Happy 28th birthday Jack!

Oh Calamity would like to wish a happy 28th birthday to the youngest member of All Time Low, Jack! We wish him all the best.

Posted by Moe on 18 Jun 2016

APMAs Presidential Race

The Alternative Press Music Awards Presidential Race continues and Alex and Jack are starting to play dirty to get votes. You can watch various videos, including endorsement from other bands, below.

Posted by Moe on 14 Jun 2016

Kerrang! Awards

All Time Low appeared at this year's Kerrang! Awards, where they won the award for best single for the song Missing You.

They were on the black carpet to talk to journalists. You can watch the full video below. They come at 2:35:30.

The pictures from the event were posted in our gallery.

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Posted by Moe on 09 Jun 2016

All Time Low on BBC Radio 1

All Time Low were recently on BBC Radio 1, where they played two songs: Kids In The Dark and Missing You. You can watch the videos below.

A few pictures from their performance were posted in our gallery. Check them out!

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Posted by Moe on 09 Jun 2016

X Games

All Time Low recently performed at X Games in Austin, TX. During the day, they were interviewed by ESPN to talk about the new album they have started writing. Watch the video below.

On stage, the band performed a few songs, including Old Scars/Future Hearts. Watch their performance here.

Posted by Moe on 07 Jun 2016

Mr and Mrs Gaskarth talk about their relationship

Alex and his wife Mrs Lisa Gaskarth recently gave an interview to Baltimore Bride Magazine to talk about their wedding day and their relationship. Beautiful pictures taken by Adam Elmakias and B.O.B. Photography were also posted in the article and are available in our gallery. Read the article below.
Music is an integral part of any wedding or celebration. For newlyweds Alex and Lisa Gaskarth, that couldn’t be more true.

For the past ten years, Alex has serenaded fans around the world at the helm of Towson-based pop-punk band, All Time Low. Between months-long North American tours to short festival stints in Australia, it was Lisa, an event planner at Union3 Event Productions, that Alex always came home to.

During one of those homecomings in February 2015, Alex surprised Lisa with a question and a ring.

Now, fast-forward just over a year after the engagement to the couple's April 9 nuptials at Space 2640 in Charles Village. Lisa wowed in a gown by Inbal Dror while Alex looked dashing in a bespoke suit by Christopher Schafer Clothier. Post vows, guests celebrated with the Gaskarths at a reception catered by Copper Kitchen. The reception was complete with a custom wine selection, a wedding band tailored for the couple’s taste and a Snapchat filter designed just for their big day.

In the midst of a month of traveling, the pair chatted about their relationship, their nuptials and the influence music had on their big day.

Tell us about the beginnings of your relationship.
Lisa Gaskarth: We met in the fall of 2004 in high school. I was a senior and Alex was a junior. Our school had a yearly barbeque for the senior class to kick off their last year of high school. Alex’s band played along with one other band. My friend Samantha and I were friends with some of the guys in the other band, and that’s how I met Alex. We became close friends very quickly and not long after, realized we were more than friends.

Lisa, when did you know Alex was “the one?”
LG: It’s funny, people always say, “When you know you know,” and before you get to that point, you’re like, “Yeah, okay, sure!” It’s like all the sudden, you wake up one morning and you’re ready. We’re lucky we were ready at the same time so neither of us was waiting around for too long!
Alex Gaskarth: Our hearts were always in it, but I think we had some growing up to do. We both reached a point in our lives where we were ready to take that next step! Some people grow up and grow apart. We only grew closer.

How did Alex propose?
LG: I had told him at one point over the years that I didn’t care if he proposed on a random Tuesday on our couch and sure enough, that’s what happened! He popped the question over a cheese and charcuterie board at our house, surrounded by our pups, right before we watched an episode of “The Flash.” I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Was it important for you two to wed in Baltimore?
LG: Absolutely, and for many reasons. This is where we met and built our life together. Alex travels for a living so coming home to say our “I Do’s” was the only way to do it! Not to mention, I’m an event planner in Baltimore and my most trusted vendors and industry friends are based in the area. Of course I wanted to bring them into the fold to help make our day perfect.

That sounds amazing! Alex, what made you choose Seth Schafer to create your tuxedo?
AG: Christopher Schafer Clothier makes great suits and I’ve always been a big fan! Seth and Chris have become friends of ours and were kind enough to work with me on making something unique and special for the wedding. I didn’t have a lot of time home before the wedding so knowing they had it covered was a big relief.

Music plays a pretty big role in your lives. Was it important for you to have a band as opposed to a DJ?
AG: As a musician, having live music was very important to me, and to Lisa, coming from a family of musicians. What I didn’t want was a corny wedding band.

So tell us about your wedding band, Millennium.
AG: Lisa knew about Millennium from her work as an event planner. The lead singer of the band, Travis Tucker, was on “American Idol” in 2004 and is a true performer. This isn’t a wedding band that stands in the background. They’re all really talented and had everyone up on the dance floor.

What song did you choose for your first dance?
LG: We chose “Forever” by The Beach Boys because when we were much, much younger and talking about getting married, we decided that would be our song. If it’s good enough for Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky, it’s good enough for us!

Are there any other songs that were a special part of your big day?
AG: I really wanted our recessional song to be “When I’m Sixty Four” by The Beatles so we had a string trio play that right as our ceremony ended!

What’s changed about your relationship since getting married?
LG: Honestly, we’ve been together for so long that it doesn’t feel like much has changed! We already felt like family. The one big change is my name! I’m still getting used to being Lisa Gaskarth.

Describe your wedding day in one sentence.
AG: To be surrounded by family and friends in a beautiful place, marrying your best friend, is the ultimate dream come true – as cheesy as it sounds!

Posted by Moe on 01 Jun 2016

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