Slappy Joe's Burgers: Video of Alex

Alex starred in a video to promote the restaurant Slappy Joe's Burgers in California by wearing quite a strange costume. Watch this video below:

Posted by Moe on 10 Jan 2015

New album: Video interview

Alternative Press has posted a video of All Time Low. In this interview, the band is talking about its upcoming album and the role of social networks for the promotion of the record. Watch it by clicking the picture below:

Posted by Moe on 09 Jan 2015

D-3: Release of the new single on BBC Radio 1

On the BBC Radio 1 website, there is a page announcing that All Time Low will be special guests on The Radio 1 Breakfast Show With Nick Grimshaw on the 12th of January to release the first single from their newest album. On the show, which starts at 6:30am (UK time), they might give us more information on their sixth record. We will be posting at 6:30am Monday morning to give you all the details in case you miss them.

Posted by Moe on 09 Jan 2015

APMAs: Jack and Alex to host the ceremony

The news has just been announced: Jack and Alex will be hosting the upcoming Alternative Press Music Awards, which will take place in Cleveland, Ohio on the 22nd of July 2015. It will be the second award ceremony organised by Alternative Press.
More information on the APMAs will be released later on on the Alternative Press website.
They shot a video announcing the news. Watch it below:

Posted by Moe on 08 Jan 2015

Throwback Thursday: Frankfurt 2011

Throwback Thursday is back on the website, and it will be featured every week from now on! For the first throwback of the year, I have added a few pictures that were taken at a show in Frankfurt, Germany when the band was on its summer tour in Europe in 2011.
You can also watch the video below. It shows All Time Low performing the song Sick Little Games, which the band played for the first time ever that year.

Posted by Moe on 08 Jan 2015

Posted by on 01 Jan 1970

Alternative Press: New titles and pictures

The new Alternative Press dedicated to All Time Low has just been released. Someone on Tumblr has posted all the scans from the magazine. In the interview with the magazine, the band has announced various news. First of all, they will tour the United States with the bands Issues, Tonight Alive and State Champs.
They have also mentioned the titled of a few songs which will be featured on the new record. Check out a list of all these songs below. Please note that the titled can change.
Edge Of Tonight
Tidal Waves
Eyes Glued Shut
Bail Me Out
Complicated (won't be on the record)
Missing You
How The Story Ends
Check out the magazine scans in our gallery and see new pictures of the band.

+15 : Scans > Alternative Press

Posted by Moe on 04 Jan 2015

New layout for the new year

Firstly, I would like to wish you all a happy new year 2015. I hope this year will be a good one for everyone.
Then, I have decided to change the website's layout. I wanted to say goodbye to the Don't Panic era with pictures from the imaginative video for the song Somewhere In Neverland so as to welcome the band's new album and everything they have planned for us this year.

Please feel free to tell us what you think about the new layout. I hope you will enjoy it.

Posted by Moe on 01 Jan 2015

Happy holidays!

Moe and Auw from Oh Calamity wish you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays! We hope that you will enjoy the holidays with your loved ones. As it is Christmas, let's listen to some songs by All Time Low.

Posted by Moe on 25 Dec 2014

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