Signing events in Europe

The band will be at six signing events when they come to Europe in March, in Milan, Utrecht, Hamburg, Antwerp and Cologne. Le Bataclan in Paris will also host one of these and you will have to come two hours before the opening of the doors, that is to say 5pm. You only pay €20 to get to meet the band, make them sign one item, get their upcoming album Future Hearts and an instant download of the single Something's Gotta Give, as well as a poster of the band.
You can buy your ticket below or find another city on this link.

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United Kingdom interviews: videos and picture

A few new videos of Alex and Rian promoting the band in the United Kingdom were posted on YouTube today. In the first one, we can see Alex and You Me At Six singer Josh Franceschi. They are mostly talking about their upcoming arena tour, and have announced that All Time Low would be the first band to play every night. In the second one, we can see Rian and Alex Kerrang! Radio, and they are talking about Future Hearts.

Kerrang! Radio have posted a picture from the interview with Rian and Alex. Check it out in the gallery.

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Interview with Alex

Recently, All Access Music got to interview Alex and talk to him about the new record, touring and the movie Fan Girl. Read the article below.
Hi Alex! Where does this interview find you today? What’s on the agenda today besides our interview?
Hey! Right now I am just back home from London, having premiered our new single and released all the info about Future Hearts. It feels good to finally let the cat out of the bag! We’ve been trying to keep it all under wraps for quite some time now, so it’s great to share it with the world!
As far as what I plan on doing today? A whole lot of nothing! I’m soaking up the last couple weeks of down time before we hit the road forever in February. Well, that said, I have been making a point to practice all our old songs again, so I’m not completely rusty when rehearsals roll around in a couple weeks.

You guys just released your first new radio single in two years, ’Something’s Gotta Give’, off your highly anticipated sixth studio album, Future Hearts. What was the inspiration behind that song?
The song is about being in a hopeless place, and desperately wishing for that one thing to come along and pull you out, only to find that it’s you who has to do the pulling yourself. I’ve found myself in that very position plenty of times, and the most rewarding thing you can do, is attack it head on and make your own situation better.

The new album will feature exciting collaborations with the likes of Joel Madden and Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus, and has been dubbed the “most anticipated album of 2015” by Alternative Press. What was it like collaborating with Joel and Mark? What did you learn from working with them?
Joel and Mark are two guys we’ve grown up listening to, and have now become good friends with. It’s the best of both worlds when you can collaborate with friends who also happen to be musicians that you really appreciate and respect from a creative stand point.
They each bring so much character to the songs they appear on, so we’re unbelievably excited to have them on board.
Joel taps into a pop sensibility that not many other people have, so he brings something really unique to the table when he writes. And Mark has one of the most signature voices in the pop/punk/rock world, so just hearing him do his thing makes me really happy.

All Time Low have officially re-signed with Hopeless who released your previous albums, So Wrong It’s Right (2007) and Nothing Personal (2009). Does it feel like you are “back at home,” so to speak? How has that been going?
Absolutely! All Time Low and Hopeless Records have, in a lot of ways, grown up together. Obviously they were already well established when we first came along, but over the course of our work together, the music industry has changed a lot, and we’ve both been exploring the new landscape together… I think it leveled the playing field for us to really work with them as partners and collaborators, and that’s created a much healthier atmosphere for everyone.

Future Hearts was produced by John Feldman, the writer/producer behind hits for The Used and 5 Seconds of Summer, how was that experience?
John is a creative madman. He works harder than anyone I’ve met before, and his ability to push artists to their creative limit is, I think, what brings out the best in the people he’s working with. He’s also a guy that comes from our world, so he understands what our band is all about and helped us achieve something that grows the band, without betraying our roots.

A Little birdie told me that All Time Low will be making their big screen debut (and provide the soundtrack) for the upcoming Meg Ryan film, Fan Girl, this spring. How did that all come about? What was it like working on your first film?
To be honest, it kind of came out of nowhere for us. The script was being developed, and we were the band they’d chosen to center some of the story around. The production company came to us with the idea, and asked if we’d like to be involved, and the rest is history.
Working on the movie was fun for us, but fortunately, because the majority of our appearance revolved around a performance scene, it was just like shooting a music video, so we were on familiar ground!

I hear ATL will be heading to Australia to join the likes of Incubus, Soundgarden, and Marilyn Manson for the Soundwave Festival this February and you guys will also be touring with Fall Out Boy, SlipKnot and The Smashing Pumpkins through the year. How excited are you to be in such great company?
It certainly is amazing company to be in! We’re just going to soak it all up and enjoy the great music we’ll be surrounded by. I think when we spend our days watching amazing bands and artists do their thing, it encourages us to bring our A-game to our own shows.

Speaking of touring, what has been your most memorable show to date?
That’s such a tough question after nearly 10 years of consistent touring! Haha! There have been so many memorable moments for us– I think one that really stands out was playing a sold out Emirates Stadium in London with Green Day. That kind of crowd takes your breath away every time.

Who is on your current playlist? Any bands or genres we might be surprised to find in there?
Lately I’ve been listening to Foo Fighters, Walk The Moon, PVRIS, and of course, Taylor Swift’s newest album.

What are you guys most excited about for 2015?
EVERYTHING! There’s so much to look forward to this year, namely getting back out on the road and playing shows for our amazing fans.

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Acoustic release show in London

The band will exclusively perform an acoustic session at McClusky's in Kingston on the 22th of march 2015 in order to play new songs from the album Future Hearts for this release show. You can buy your ticket and will also get the band's new album. Check out the Facebook event by clicking this link.

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Media: new gallery and goodies

I have used the great pictures from Alternative Press to create the new layout of our photo gallery. Feel free to give us your opinion and look at our almost 15,000 pictures. Click this link.

Aurelie made some icons and gifs of the band, which you can now find in the category called 'Media'. I have also made some of them. You can use them for your Twitter account, your blog, on forums, and so on. Check out a sneak peek below.

More icons - More gifs

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