Upset Magazine interview

Yesterday, Upset Magazine talked to Alex and Jack about their upcoming arena tour in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. You can read the article below.
“The UK has been very good to us lately,” starts Alex Gaskarth backstage at Reading Festival. In a few hours time All Time Low will take to the main stage and, despite the “Reading Jitters,” will put in an energetic, polished yet goofy set. Its no wonder the band have a run of arena shows booked for early next year.

“We’re stoked,” continues Alex. “We’ve been working our butts off , touring forever and there’s just an amazing support group over here. The fans have been rabid, showing up and telling their friends about us.”

“They have a nice appreciation for rock music here, not everywhere in the world has that. We feel at home here,” adds Jack Barakat.

“There’s definitely a pressure to deliver. We’re going to have to bring our a-game. All Time Low shows, we never really plan them. Keep it loose and see what happens,” Alex says with a smile. “It’s going to be insane though. We did a tour with You Me At Six earlier this year and we just kept getting requests for more Future Hearts, to come back and bring more new record. ‘We’re not playing enough new songs’ so we figured, let’s just do it again. “

“It’s very nerve-wracking putting out a new album because it’s so easy for fans to fall back on the old stuff,” reasons Alex. “What’s been cool with this record cycle is that people are really getting behind the music.”

“It’s All Time Low with a new energy,” Jack states before Alex continues.“I think it’s just a better record. We learnt a lot. It has elements of all the stuff we’ve done in the past, but we do it all a lot better now.”

“The big thing this time is to bring the whole Future Hearts album and put that in arenas and deliver. Give the fans what they want. We’re ready for the challenge.”

Posted by Moe on 29 Aug 2015

Ruta Rock: Chilean interview with Alex

Yesterday, the Chilean website Ruta Rock posted an interview in which they talk about South America and the band's career with Alex. You can read the translation written by Oh Calamity below.
You’ve been a band for over 10 years and have released six albums. How much do you think that your music has evolved through the years? Which has been your favourite album so far?
I think the biggest change is that we now know how to write a song. Now that we know what All Time Low really is, writing has become second nature to us.
I’m definitely prouder of Future Hearts — I think it’s the best version of All Time Low so far.

What is the songwriting process like for the band? Did you use a different process on each album or do you use the same strategy on every record?
All the albums are different but it usually follows the same pattern. I bring a song or an idea to the table, then everybody contributes until we get an album that feels like an All Time Low record.

Last April, you released your album Future Hearts, in which you got to collaborate with Mark Hoppus. How was it to work with one of your idols?
Working with Mark was great! He is an extremely talented guy and there is no one who sounds like him. Not to mention that we all grew up listening to Blink, so it’s just a great honour to have him on the record.

In addition to your collaboration with Mark, you also worked with Joel Madden on your latest album. With whom would you like to work in the future?
Yes, Joel is great! I think that it would be awesome to collaborate with someone from another genre, like Sia perhaps?

Everybody knows that you guys are fans of Blink-182. What do you think about their current situation? Do you think that they should let Tom DeLonge back in the band or start writing music with Matt Skiba?
I’m really happy that Blink is writing new songs. I think that Matt will bring a lot of interesting ideas to the table and Blink will sound amazing with him in the band. Obviously, it always sucks when you have to see such a legendary band go through changes but I think it’s for the better. Tom is incredibly talented and if he wants to do other things, then he should be able to do what he wants. I respect them for going separate ways and do what’s best for both parties, and I can’t wait to hear new songs by Blink!

A few weeks ago, you opened the AP Music Awards with a medley. Did you choose all the songs or did Alternative Press suggest you to follow a special theme?
We created the medley ourselves. It was a mashup of punk rock songs we grew up with through the decades and they are the reasons why our bands sounds like that today.

How was the experience of hosting the AP Music Awards? Did you get the opportunity of meeting any artist whom you admire?
It went well. Being a host was scary at first but in the end I was feeling relaxed! It’s always fun to do something new. Rob Zombie is a really cool guy!

This year, you will play in Chile and other South American countries. What are your best memories from your first tour there?
I could never forget how the crowd reacts in South America! We were really impressed by how passionate the audience was. I can’t wait to witness that passion again!

Do you listen to Spanish music? Did you meet South American bands the last time you were there?
It would be cool if we could meet some of them when we tour South America. To be honest, I don’t listen to South American music that much. I’ll get into that! Haha.

What can we expect from your shows? Will you play any covers of your favourite songs?
There will be much energy and we’ll play a good mix of old songs and new songs, so we hope that it’ll make everyone happy! Who knows? Perhaps we will play some covers, we’ll decide on the spot.

What are your plans for the future of All Time Low?
We’ll keep touring, making music that we love, and making our fans happy!

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Reading Festival: Time-Bomb and first pictures

Today, All Time Low performed a set at Reading Festival in the United Kingdom. You can watch the band play the song Time-Bomb and have fun with the fans below.

The first pictures from this festival were already posted on the web. You can check them out in our gallery.

+02 : Social media > Other twitters
x04 : Concerts > Reading Festival - Reading, United Kingdom

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Official dates for the UK tour

We had already announced it a few days ago: All Time Low will be back in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland next February. The dates were already on the website for the past few days, you can now check them out below.
10 February 2016: Motorpoint Arena - Cardiff, UK
11 February 2016: The O2 - London, UK
12 February 2016: Manchester Arena - Manchester, UK
13 February 2016: Barclaycard Arena - Birmingham, UK
15 February 2016: The SSE Hydro - Glasgow, UK
16 February 2016: 3Arena - Dublin, Ireland

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Throwback Thursday: Rio de Janeiro 2011

For this week's Throwback Thursday, we have added a few pictures which were taken in Rio de Janeiro back in 2011.
As for the video of the week, watch All Time Low perform Jasey Rae below.

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All Time Low in Edinburgh

Yesterday, All Time Low was in Edinburgh for a sold out headline show. The band performed a full set and covered the famous Scottish song I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles). Before the concert, Alex posted a video on Vine where he is trying to talk in a Scottish accent. Watch it below.

The first pictures from the show were posted in our gallery. Check them out!

Posted by Moe on 26 Aug 2015

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