Pictures: All Time Low in Hungary

This week, All Time Low was in Hungary for the first time. They enjoyed their day off in Budapest, where Alex and Jack recorded the upcoming episode of Full Frontal. Yesterday, they played the Hungarian festival Strand Fesztivál in Zamárdi. This first experience was great for the band, who want to come back.

Check out the first pictures from the festival as well as a few photos posted on Instagram in our gallery.

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Posted by Moe on 21 Aug 2015

Throwback Thursday: Sayreville 2008

For this week's Throwback Thursday I have added a few pictures which were taken in Sayreville on the Compromising Of Integrity, Morality And Principles In Exchange For Money Tour back in 2008.
As for the video of the week, watch the band's performance of Lullabies.

Posted by Moe on 20 Aug 2015

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Summer Sonic 2015

This weekend, All Time Low was in Japan for the festival Summer Sonic 2015 in Tokyo and Osaka. The Twitter page All Time Low Japan posted a video in which Alex thanks his Japanese fans. Watch it by clicking the picture below.

Numerous pictures from their stay in Japan were posted on social media and on the festival website. Check them out in our gallery.

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Posted by Moe on 17 Aug 2015

Belsonic 2015 interview

When Alex was in Hawaii, he was interviewed by the website The Irish News to talk about the festival Belsonic 2015, which All Time Low will attend in Belfast at the end of the month. He is also talking about other artists, such as Twenty One Pilots, and Gerard Way, whom he would love to collaborate with. You can read the whole interview below.
HELLO member of All Time Low, please identify yourself and state your current location and condition.
Hi. I'm Alex, I'm in Hawaii, and I'm pretty damn sunburned!

Are you looking forward to coming back to Belfast for the Belsonic Festival?
Yes! Absolutely – we've always had a blast performing in Ireland, so I expect nothing short of insanity.

You're playing with Twenty One Pilots, are you fans of theirs?
We all love Twenty One Pilots. They've put out a couple of great records, and they're absolutely crushing it right now. We've actually never played any shows with them, so I'm excited to see 'em kill it.

Your new LP Future Hearts was recently a number one album in the UK. Where were you when you found out and how did you celebrate?
We were home, taking a little bit of time off between tours. It was absolutely insane when the news broke, because we knew it was going to be close. We just barely managed to squeeze out the number one (they bested James Bay's Chaos And The Calm by just 278 sales) and that's such a massive statement to us from our incredible fans – that they all went out and bought the album ­– sometimes multiple times.

Which song on the album are you most proud of and why?
That's still a really tough question to answer, because I'm still not totally sick of the record yet! Ha-ha. That said, Tidal Waves is a song I'm really proud of, from a conceptual standpoint, to featuring Mark (Hoppus of Blink 182), it's a rad accomplishment and one of my favourite songs.

The new album also features a song written with Joel from Good Charlotte. If you could collaborate in a similar way with any other artist, who would it be and why?
Hard to say right now, but I'd love to work with Gerard Way (ex-My Chemical Romance). Dude has amazing ability!

You and Jack (Barakat, guitarist) recently hosted at the Alternative Press Awards. How nerve-wracking was it and what was the highlight of the night?
We were very nervous going in, and had a couple curve-balls thrown our way throughout the night, but overall it was a really cool experience. I hope we can do more in the future.

Your Full Frontal podcast sounds like a lot of fun to do. Is it hard to make time to record it while touring, how much preparation is there for each episode and do you agree that Foxly your creepy 'little broken boy' from the show is the ideal candidate to become an official All Time Low 'mascot' a la Eddie and Iron Maiden?
We have a good time with it, it's just so insane and weird! It's pretty easy for us now, because there's almost nothing we can't do, so we don't exactly have much of a goal going into it each time – we just press record and see what comes out.
We haven't heard from Foxly since we let him go into the wild, so I'm not sure that would work out, unfortunately. I don't think he's coming back.

Dave Grohl recently broke his leg falling off stage. What's your worst live performance and/or tour-related injury? I cracked my head on a low-hanging speaker once, and kind of knocked myself out during the show. I fell between the stage and the barricade, came to, and managed to squeeze out the last couple lines of the song. Luckily, it was the end of the set, so I didn't have to keep going or anything. When I came off stage, the paramedics were pretty sure I was concussed, so I took a nice little trip to the nearest emergency room to get checked out. Thankfully I didn't need stitches or anything. Woo!

Which member of All Time Low has the worst personal hygiene and how aware/prideful are they of their own musky stench?
Ha-ha, no-one really has bad hygiene, to be honest. We're all pretty clean people. Zack, our bassist, works out a lot, so I'd say at any given time he could be the sweatiest person on the tour. Plus his gym clothes are gnarly. But we hose him down on the reg.

Thought for the day?
The ocean's basically just a big toilet for peeing in.

Posted by Moe on 14 Aug 2015

L'Officiel Italia pictures

All Time Low were recently interviewed for the Italian magazine L'Officiel Italia, which posted an article on the band on their website. You can read an excerpt of the interview translated by Oh Calamity below.
Future Hearts deals with nostalgia and the dreams that you had when you were 15 years old. I would rather tell you about these genuine feelings than tell you about the scourge of adulthood.
You can find the scan from the magazine in our gallery as well as a brand new picture of Alex taken for the article.

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x02 : Magazine scans > L'Officiel Italia

Posted by Moe on 14 Aug 2015

Throwback Thursday: St Louis 2010

For this week's Throwback Thursday, I have added a few pictures from a show in St Louis on the My Small Package Tour, which All Time Low headlined in 2010.
As for the video of the week, watch the band play the song Vegas below.

You can now request a year, a tour, or a city which you would like to see for our next throwback. Hit us up on Twitter: @ohcalamitynet.

Posted by Moe on 13 Aug 2015

Concert in Manila

Yesterday All Time Low played a sold out show in Manila, Philippines. The website MYX Philippines posted a video of the band performing on stage, which you can watch by clicking the picture below.

The first pictures from the show, taken for the website MYX Philippines, were posted in our gallery. Check them out.

Posted by Moe on 13 Aug 2015

Alternative Press Music Awards: All-access recap video

This week, Alternative Press has posted an all-access recap video from last month's Alternative Press Music Awards in Cleveland, OH. In the video, we can see Jack and Alex hugging their friends in Simple Plan, Zack being photographed and All Time Low performing on stage. Watch it below.

Posted by Moe on 11 Aug 2015

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