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Throwback Thursday: Pomona 2006

For this week's Throwback Thursday, I have added photos from one of the first tours the band did. Check out a few pictures which were taken on Bamboozle Left back in 2006.
As for the video of the week, watch All Time Low perform Running From Lions below.

Posted by Moe on 01 Oct 2015

Full Frontal Live: Tour dates

Today, a few comedy clubs announced the dates for the upcoming Full Frontal Live tour across the United States. Alex and Jack will record the radio show in front of an audience in five cities. Check out all the dates below. The tickets are now on sale.
16 October 2015: Houston Improv - Houston, TX
17 October 2015: Addison Improv - Addison, TX
20 October 2015: Tempe Improv - Tempe, AZ
22 October 2015: Hollywood Improv - Hollywood, CA
23 November 2015: Gotham in NYC - New York City, NY

Posted by Moe on 01 Oct 2015

Fan Girl: 3rd trailer

The movie Fan Girl will premiere in three days and ABC Family keeps posting new trailers to promote the film. This one also features the song Something's Gotta Give but it is one-minute long and shows more footage of All Time Low on stage. Watch it below.

Posted by Moe on 30 Sep 2015

Rio de Janeiro: Recap video and pictures

A few days ago, TIM beta and Queremos! posted another recap video of All Time Low's show which took place in Rio de Janeiro a few weeks ago. Watch it below.

Tom Falcone also posted a few pictures from this concert on the band's Facebook. Check them out in our gallery.

Posted by Moe on 30 Sep 2015

Request Runaways on the radio

As suggested by the Brazilian source All Time Low Midia, we want you to request Runaways on various radio stations to help promote All Time Low.
If you want to hear All Time Low in your country and the radio stations you listen to were not mentioned, tweet us the Twitter username of the radio stations in your country and we will spread the word with other All Time Low sources.

The various tweets you can send to the radio stations are listed on All Time Low Midia's Tumblr. Here are a few different sentences you can tweet:
@IHeartRadio Could you please play "Runaways" by All Time Low? #RunawaysDay

@1027KIISFM Please play "Runaways" by All Time Low. #RunawaysDay

@997now I would like to hear "Runaways" by All Time Low. #RunawaysDay
And when you're done, simply tweet this:
@alltimelowmidia I just requested ‘Runaways’ by All Time Low on US radio. #RunawaysDay

Posted by Moe on 30 Sep 2015

North America: Cinderblock Garden live debut and pictures

Yesterday, All Time Low played a college show in Pennsylvania. The concert was their last performance before the Back To The Future Hearts Tour, therefore the setlist is bound to change for the US tour. However, the band gave us a sneak peek of this upcoming tour by performing the live debut of the song Cinderblock Garden, which they had previously played in acoustic. Watch the video below.

Tom Falcone posted more pictures taken this month in Portland on the band's Facebook page. Check them out in our gallery.

Posted by Moe on 30 Sep 2015

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Fan Girl soundtrack

A few days ago, Hopeless Records posted the soundtrack which will be featured in the movie Fan Girl on their Spotify account. Check out the full soundtrack below.
In Full Frontal, Alex announced that the band will be live tweeting the film on the 3rd of October 2015.
All Time Low - "Weightless"
All Time Low - "Tidal Waves"
All Time Low - "Dancing With A Wolf"
All Time Low - "Therapy"
All Time Low - "Shameless"
All Time Low - "Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last For A Night)"
All Time Low - "Dear Maria, Count Me In"
All Time Low - "Jasey Rae"
All Time Low - "Vegas"
All Time Low - "Remembering Sunday"
All Time Low - Poppin' Champagne"
All Time Low - "The Reckless And The Brave"
Not Half Bad - "Three Things That Aren't Jackie Chan"
Not Half Bad - "It Really Sucked, Actually"
New Found Glory - "Ready And Willing"
The Wonder Years - "Passing Through A Screen Door"
Neck Deep - "Growing Pains"
Man Overboard - "Love Your Friends, Die Laughing"

Posted by Moe on 29 Sep 2015

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