Future Hearts Tour: Video and pictures

All Time Low has already played two shows on their Future Hearts Tour in Lowell and Bethlehem. Check out a video shot in the former, which you can watch below. It shows the band performing the song Runaways, which they played for the first time two days ago.

A few new pictures from these two dates were added to the gallery. Check out the recap below.

Posted by Moe on 17 Apr 2015

MLB Network: Interview and pictures

Yesterday All Time Low were at MLB Network, and you can watch the video of their full interview below. They are mostly talking about Future Hearts and baseball.

Many new pictures from this appearance were also posted in the gallery.

Posted by Moe on 17 Apr 2015

Throwback Thursday: Rochester 2013

For this week's Throwback Thursday I have added a few pictures from the Spring Fever Tour, which took place in Rochester back in 2013.
As for the video, skip to 2:10 on the video below to listen to the song So Long, And Thanks For All The Booze, which the band performed for a few months that year, followed by The Reckless And The Brave.

Posted by Moe on 16 Apr 2015

Appearances: TV, radio and meet & greet

This morning, Jack and Alex played the game Call Or Delete on the The Radio 1 Breakfast Show With Nick Grimshaw on BBC Radio 1. Because of the game, they had to call Rian and Mark Hoppus to tell them a story. Listen to the interview by clicking this link, and skip to 1:23:15.

Last week, All Time Low did a signing at the hmv in Oxford Street, London. A video from this event was posted and you can watch it below.

Today All Time Low were interviewed on MLB Network to talk about sports, and a few pictures were added to the gallery. I have also posted a picture from Jack and Alex's appearance at the BBC, as well as many photos from last week's meet & greet in Kingston, and two new pictures of All Time Low at the Live Lounge on BBC.

Posted by Moe on 16 Apr 2015

Lowell: Full concert, update video and pictures

Yesterday All Time Low performed their first show of the Future Hearts Tour in Lowell. The full concert was posted on the web, as was the update video from this first show. Watch them below.

The first pictures from the US tour, which were taken by Thomas Falcone, were posted in the gallery.

Posted by Moe on 16 Apr 2015

Future Hearts Tour: Setlist

Yesterday All Time Low kicked off their Future Hearts Tour across the United States and the band played three new songs off Future Hearts : Satellite, Runaways and Missing You. Watch them perform Satellite and Missing You below.

The band played a 19-song set yesterday. Check out the setlist below.
The Irony Of Choking On A Lifesaver
Lost In Stereo
Six Feet Under The Stars
Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)
Somewhere In Neverland
Missing You
The Reckless And The Brave
A Love Like War (feat. Jenna McDougall)
Backseat Serenade
Something's Gotta Give
Kids In The Dark
Jasey Rae
Dear Maria, Count Me In

Posted by Moe on 16 Apr 2015

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NME: Interview with Jack and Alex

NME has posted a new video of Jack and Alex in which they are talking about their hometown Baltimore. Check out the video below.

Posted by Moe on 15 Apr 2015

US and UK charts: Future Hearts is number one

On Sunday, it was announced that Future Hearts was number one on the charts in the United Kingdom for the first time in the band's career. Today, as the band is getting ready for their Future Hearts Tour across their home country, some other good news were announced. All Time Low is also number one in the United States, which is another first in their career!

I would like to congratulate the band for this success, which they have earned for what is in my opinion the best album they have ever made. I wish them the best for the future, may it be full of surprises because they deserve it.

Posted by Moe on 15 Apr 2015

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