Throwback Thursday: MLB Fan Cave 2012

For this week's Throwback Thursday, I have added a few pictures from their appearance at MLB Fan Cave in New York in 2012.
The video of the week features the song For Baltimore from the album Don't Panic.

Posted by Moe on 26 Feb 2015

Preview: Kids In The Dark

Amazon enables you to listen to a preview of the song Kids In The Dark, which will be featured on the band's upcoming album Future Hearts. Listen to the song by clicking this link.

Edit: The preview was deleted from Amazon.

Posted by Moe on 26 Feb 2015

Future Hearts Tour: Promo videos

Alex has recently shot many videos to promote the upcoming Future Hearts Tour in various American cities. Watch the videos he shot for Philadelphia and St Paul below, and click the different links to hear the messages for the other cities.

Dallas - Boca Raton - Denver - Pittsburgh

Posted by Moe on 25 Feb 2015

Tours: Pictures and video (February)

The band is currently in Australia and since Alex had a day off in Melbourne, he decided to go on stage with the band McBusted to perform the song Get Over It, which he co-wrote. Watch the performance below. Alex shows up at 2:17.

Many pictures taken at concerts of the band in Australia or the United Kingdom were posted in the gallery. I have also added the promoshoot for the album Future Hearts, a picture from an interview in Australia, as well as a few pictures which were recently posted on Twitter.

x01 : Apparitions > 24 février 2015 - Interview in Melbourne, Australia
+03 : Concerts > Flemington Racecourse - Melbourne, Australia
+13 : Concerts > The O2 - London, UK
+08 : Photoshoots > 089
+01 : Autres > Twitter d'Alex
+02 : Autres > Twitter de Jack
+01 : Autres > Autres twitters

Posted by Moe on 25 Feb 2015

Reading And Leeds Festival

The band has announced that they will play Reading And Leeds Festival at the end of the summer in the United Kingdom along with bands such as Panic! At The Disco and Bastille. Check out the two dates below.
28 August 2015: Reading Festival - Reading, United Kingdom
29 August 2015: Leeds Festival - Leeds, United Kingdom

Posted by Moe on 24 Feb 2015

Soundwave Festival: Adelaide

Yesterday, the band performed in Adelaide at Soundwave Festival. As usual, they have posted an update video from their set. You can watch it below.

Many new pictures which were taken at the festival in Melbourne and Adelaide were posted in the gallery. I have also added a few pictures that Alex and Jack have posted on their Twitter accounts.

Posted by Moe on 23 Feb 2015

Soundwave Festival in Melbourne

Two new videos of the band in Australia were posted. The first one is an interview with Alex in which he is talking about the band's projects for 2015 and the new album. The second one is a recap video showing the band in Melbourne. Watch them below.

Posted by Moe on 21 Feb 2015

Soundwave Festival: Interview and photos

All Time Low has arrived in Australia, and they played their first set at Soundwave Festival in the afternoon. Zack and Jack were interviewed and they talked about Future Hearts, their arena tour, and they hinted that they would be back in Australia in 2015. Watch the video below.

The first pictures from the festival were posted on the web. Check out the first pictures from their set in Melbourne in the gallery.

Posted by Moe on 21 Feb 2015

New French show in Montpellier

Alternativ News has just announced that the band's show at Le Bataclan in Paris is sold out. However, the band will be back in France. They will perform a concert in Montpellier in June. Check out the date below.
14 June 2015: Rockstore - Montpellier, France

Posted by Moe on 20 Feb 2015

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