UK-Irish Arena Tour: Support and video

All Time Low have just announced that their support band on the British/Irish leg of their Back To The Future Hearts Tour will be none other than the legendary band Good Charlotte, which was also formed in Maryland. Watch the promo video for this tour, which was released today.

Posted by Moe on 09 Nov 2015

BBC Radio 1's Teen Awards

Today, All Time Low was in London, UK to play at the BBC Radio 1's Teen Awards, where they were given the award for the Band you least want to introduce to your mum, which they accepted in a video. They also performed a few songs, such as Kids In The Dark. Watch both videos below.

I have posted the first pictures taken on the red carpet and backstage this afternoon. Check them out in our gallery!

Posted by Moe on 08 Nov 2015

The Oakland Press: Alex discusses the band's setlists

Alex recently talked to The Oakland Press to discuss how difficult it is for the band to choose the right songs for their setlists. Read the article below.
Putting together a live show isn’t easy for All Time Low anymore.

The Maryland rock quartet has released six albums — plus the odd film soundtrack or compilation contribution — during the past 10 years, meaning there’s a body of work that runs from fan favorites such as “Dear Maria, Count Me In,” “Weightless” and “Somewhere in Neverland” to deep tracks and B-sides. All of that has to be considered for the band’s set lists, but frontman Alex Gaskarth considers it a good problem to have.

“It’s kind of a cool position to be in,” Gaskarth, 27, explains by phone from a tour stop in Columbus Ohio. “We have so many CDs and so much music, it’s really fun for us to be able to figure out exactly what works best live and things like that.

“It’s kind of been a blur; we got right out of high school and started touring. But it hasn’t been a flash in the pan and it hasn’t moved so fast that we’ve lost ourselves in all of it. It’s continued to work for us.”

Along the way, meanwhile, Gaskarth has himself as a go-to songwriter, collaborating over the years with groups such as Yellowcard, Simple Plan, McBusted and, more recently, on both albums by Australian chart-toppers 5 Seconds of Summer. That, Gaskarth says, has also paid dividends for All Time Low — whose most recent album, “Future Hearts,” gave the quartet its best-ever debut last month, at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and No. 1 on the Top Rock Albums chart.

“I think with any writing experience it’s a learning process,” Gaskarth says. “The cool thing with writing for others is you get to step outside of your box and write from a completely new place and sort of through someone else’s voice. If anything, when I’m writing for other people and then come back to All TimeLow, I sort of come back into it with a handful of new tricks and a new way to approach how we write for All Time Low.

“So it’s very educational at times. I’m sure I’ll keep doing it.”

Posted by Moe on 07 Nov 2015

Five years online!

I am very pleased to announce that Oh Calamity is celebrating its fifth year online today! What a journey it has been. I would like to thank every single one of you, whether you have been supporting us since the beginning or you have just discovered us. We would not still be here today if it weren't for your help. So keep sending us comments on the website and we will keep spoiling you with surprises as a thank you.

To celebrate the website's anniversary, I designed a brand new layout featuring All Time Low in the music video for Something's Gotta Give. To see the flash version of the layout, it is better to use a computer.

A few changes were made to the website. The domain name is now the English version of the website but you can still find it on The gallery has a new URL as well so it is more accessible to English-speakers: The previous URL is still available.

I hope that you will all enjoy this new layout. Feel free to let us know what you think about it on Twitter or in the tag board.

Posted by Moe on 07 Nov 2015

Guitar World: Interview with Zack

Zack recently talked with the webzine Guitar World to talk about All Time Low and the various instruments he plays. Read the article below.
GUITAR WORLD: On Future Hearts, you worked with John Feldmann, who has worked with Black Veil Brides, Papa Roach and the Used, among others. How did he influence the way you guys work? Was he tougher than other producers you've worked with?
He drove us hard but in a good way. When I hung out with him and was recording, if I wasn’t getting something, he’d be like, “let’s go play ping-pong." He had this craziness about him in a good way. It was inspiring and fun. You were working, but it was never like huge seriousness. It was serious when it needed to be but a lot of fun. It was just something to get your mind away from what was going on. You’d come back fresh and loose. Things would come out that didn’t come out before.

John is known for getting the very best out of artists. The album was your best first week yet. Do you continue to be surprised—especially in this era where records don’t sell?
It’s funny; we get a weekly report of how things have sold. This record did really well, and it’s surprising. The record industry is going down, sales-wise. This album surprised people how it took off. It wasn’t expected to do that well right off the bat.

You guys are all in your twenties, correct?
We're all 27.

So you're truly from the post-Napster generation. When the band came together and you were kids dreaming in your garages, did you dream of platinum albums or was touring more of a focus?
We were more interested in tours like My Chemical Romance, the Used and Story of the Year, and they played this thing called Tigerfest. We all looked at it like, “we want to be on that stage." We didn’t look at it as plaques on the wall and awards. We wanted kids to go crazy. We all shared that mentality. We still rate shows on our interaction with kids and how they interact with how we play.

It’s probably a more organic experience than bands 20 years ago when the dream was a multi-platinum album. You guys are closer to the fans.
We feed off their energy. Everyone is having a good time.

Was bass your first instrument, or did you convert?
Alto-sax was actually my first instrument. Bass was my first in the guitar world.

When you picked up the bass, were there any players you gravitated toward in terms of influences?
The first song I learned was a Foo Fighters song. I took lessons at a place in Baltimore called the Music Workshop. My teacher would make me take home his records. The first thing I was really into was John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin. I started there. In the genre of music All Time Low falls into, the first bass player Sean McGrath of Save the Day. I watched him live when I was 16. He was in the back and played really well, just did his thing like all bass players do. He was such a backbone in his music. Not everyone could hear it, but those who understood bass heard it.

In terms of gear, is there a particular bass you prefer?
I've played a Fender Jazz forever. Finally after recording and playing with John Feldmann’s P-bass, I had to get my own. I was strictly Jazz because I play a lot of jazz and blues. But for rock, the P-bass has this ballsiness to it. I never understood it until this last record.

It's funny how divided those camps can be. On the back end, do you use many effects or go straight into the amp?
Right now I'm going into Aguilar AGRO pedal, which is my dirty channel. I’m going into a SansAmp and an Avalon. Two DDI’s. Nothing fancy.

Do you handle channel switching off stage?
Yes, off stage.

You just kicked off a run of dates on the Future Hearts tour. What can we expect from this tour? Are you heavy on the new record or are you spreading it around?
We do a bunch of new songs off Future Hearts. It’s split. We have so many records out and we only have, like, and hour and a half. Being that it's the Back to the Future Hearts tour, we wanted to play some songs we haven’t played in a while. I’ll play a little acoustic guitar, even. People are going to enjoy it. We will be playing all the songs people want to hear and a few people won’t expect.

Posted by Moe on 06 Nov 2015

Halloween on the Back To The Future Hearts Tour

Yesterday, All Time Low celebrated Halloween with their crew and their fans in Boise, ID. Alex was dressed up as a pop star, Rian as a police officer, Jack as a pizza and Zack as a penguin. You can check out their personalised setlist below.
Killing And Screaming
Spooked In Stereo
A Love Like Blood
Dancing With A Werewolf
Death-Seat Serenade
Cinderblock Coffin
Missing You
Do You Want Me (Dead?)
Don't You Die
Spookin' Champagne
Damned If I Die (Damned If I Don't)
Old Clowns/Future Hearts
Ghouls In The Dark
Something's Gotta Die
Dead Maria, Count Me In
You can check out a few pictures posted on social media by Alex in our gallery.

+02 : Social media > Alex's twitter

Posted by Moe on 01 Nov 2015

Back To The Future Hearts Tour: Aloha Friday

This week, on the Back To The Future Hearts, All Time Low celebrated Aloha Friday in Portland, OR by wearing Hawaiian outfits. You can watch their acoustic performance of Cinderblock Garden during that show below.

The band posted a few pictures on social media and you can check them out in the gallery. I have also added many HQ pictures from the show.

x33 : Concerts > Roseland Theater - Portland, OR
+01 : Social media > Alex's twitter
+01 : Social media > Jack's twitter
+01 : Social media > Other twitters

Posted by Moe on 01 Nov 2015

#FiveYearsOC: The domain name

As part of the celebrations for the website's 5th anniversary, we are going to talk about our top 5 events which made the experience of running this website unique. Read number 1 below. You can show your support by tweeting the hashtag #FiveYearsOC followed by a message in any language.

On the 7th of November 2014, Jack Barakat France officially became Oh Calamity, a source on the whole band.
"The website started off as a source on Jack which had only been created because I had put him on a layout made on Photoshop, and then Aurelie began writing the website pages. For a long time, it did not feel right to only put the spotlight on Jack and not on the whole band. There sure have been times when I was glad not to run a source on All Time Low, for personal reasons and lack of time (if you ever had to write updates on a band headlining the Vans Warped Tour, you will know what I mean). But I was really happy to work extra hard for many months to create the best possible source on All Time Low, which officially opened 51 weeks ago. And I have never felt prouder of this website." - Morgane

"When we opened the website, it was a source dedicated to Jack as I could not stop talking about him to Morgane but she quickly became the main webmaster and, after a few years, she told me that she wished for the website to become a source on the whole band. We thought about it for a while but the website quickly became a complete surce on the band. Morgane changed many things on the website. The new domain name was hard to find as we did not want a website simply called, so we talked about song names, and as I love the song Oh Calamity, I suggested the name and I think it is the one that represents best our website.
We are one week from the website's anniversary and I would like to congratulate Morgane for her work. I am amazed at what Jack Barakat France has become. According to me, this website has become a major source on All Time Low for every fan of the band." - Aurelie

Posted by Moe on 31 Oct 2015

Premier Guitar: Interview with Jack

When All Time Low was in Nashville, TN, the website Premier Guitar got to talk to Jack and crew member Mac Fraser. They are showing us the guitars they use every night on tour. Watch the full video below.

A picture from this interview was posted on their website. Check it out in our gallery.

Posted by Moe on 29 Oct 2015

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