Back To The Future Hearts Tour: Cover and pictures

The Back To The Future Hearts Tour is still going strong across the United States. The band has recently covered many songs, including Bon Jovi's Livin' On A Prayer, which was sung by Jack on stage. Watch a video of the performance below.

Many new pictures taken on the latest dates of the North American tour were added. Check them out in our gallery.

Posted by Moe on 17 Nov 2015

Washington Times: Interview with Alex

The website Washington Times recently interviewed Alex to talk about the band's career and the name of their fans, the Hustlers. Read the article below.
How’s the tour going?
This is the biggest tour we have ever headlined. Twelve years into the life of the band it continues to grow. We have sort of taken the grass-roots approach. We’ve never had that one moment or thing that has put us in the mainstream. It’s been a slow build. I love doing things that way.

Why did the band take their name from song by New Found Glory?
They were definitely one of the bands from the genre of music that we were listening to at the time influenced us. Back them for us it was Blink , Green Day, New Found Glory, NOFX, MXPX — bands like that.
We came from that Warped Tour world. We grew up in that and wanted to be a part of that. It was one thing that we wrote down from a lyric of theirs on a list of potential band names. We had our first real show at a venue coming up . We had played a couple other house parties before that, but we had yet to settle on a name. The promoter for the show said, “Guys, we’re a week from the show, and I don’t know what to put on the ticket.” We pointed at All Time Low.

How has the creative process between the four of you evolved over the past dozen years?
From back then it is much different. We were teenagers in high school. We had no idea what we were doing. This certainly isn’t one of the bands where a big major label put us together and told us what to do. Taught us how to write songs. Gave us the “keys to the car,” so to speak. We never had any of that.
So it has been a growing process over all of these years. Just figuring out ourselves and what what we could with out music, where it could go. I look back at the our first three records and think, “Man, we had no clue!” It wasn’t until we put out “Don’t Panic” that I really felt like we came into out own.

Why was there a three-year gap between “Don’t Panic” and “Future Hearts”?
A big part of that was that “Don’t Panic” was sort of a reinvention of our band. When we parted ways with Interscope Records, we immediately went back into the studio. We had something to prove: that we hadn’t forgotten where we came from and that we could write a bangin’ pop rock record. That is what that album, “Don’t Panic” was all about.
The three years was because the record did really well for us. We didn’t feel like we needed to out something new every year. We wanted to make sure that when we followed that up, it was the right next step.

The next step seems to be more pop elements.
We always get labeled as “pop-punk” because we come from that Warped Tour world. At the end of the day, I’ve never really thought of our band as that. We have some songs that have those elements because, again, that’s where we came from. I’ve always thought of us as a pop-rock band or a pop band. I’m not ashamed to say that.

Why are your fans called “The Hustlers”?
We have a song from our first CD called “The Girl’s a Straight Up Hustler.” Our fans just started calling themselves that — the die-hard fans. They started going by “The Hustlers.” We started our fan club: “The Hustler Club.”

Has Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt ever asked you for money?
Not money, but we have been threatened several times by Larry Flynt. Many “cease and desist” orders, which don’t hold up because we’re not infringing on anything they do. Yet!
When we start releasing pornography, that could change things. We got letters saying, “Guys, you can’t call yourselves this!” We were like, “Yeah, we can, you didn’t invent the word.”

What is the craziest fan encounter you’ve had?
We’ve had a couple weird ones. Nothing really sinister. There is a very blurred line with our band and the fans. Nine times out of ten it’s a good thing. But because of the way we act and because we put a lot of ourselves online and in interviews, there are people who think they already know us they don’t. We’ve never met.
People have come to my house before and expected it not to be weird when I answer the door in my PJs and ask, “What’s up. What do you need?”

The tour is sponsored by Rockstar Energy Drink, so is your pre-show ritual excessive amounts of Rockstar?
Energy drink definitely helps here and there. Or coffee. The one thing I always do is I always brush my teeth before I play. I don’t know why.

Posted by Moe on 17 Nov 2015

Back To The Future Hearts Tour: Pictures

Today, I have added a few pictures which were recently taken on the Back To The Future Hearts Tour and were posted on various websites as well as on the band's Facebook account. Check them out in our gallery.

Posted by Moe on 15 Nov 2015

Le Bataclan: It was us

Dear music lovers,

I am not used to expressing my opinion on this website, but the circumstances and your reactions mean so much that it would have been wrong not to write my thoughts here.

Having close friends and family in Paris, I stayed up all night on Friday to watch the events unfold. And all I was thinking about the whole time was ‘It could have been us. The last show I attended in Paris was at Le Bataclan, and I was there with all the wonderful human beings I met thanks to All Time Low’s music.’ I was horrified and kept wondering ‘What if it had been us? It could have been any of us. It could have been Aurélie, it could have been Maëva, it could have been Laurie, it could have been Adélie, it could have been Maxime, it could have been Ilona, it could have been Edouard, it could have been Juliette, it could have been Magali, it could have been Fanny, it could have been Marie, it could have been Sanae, it could have been Anne-Lyse, it could have been Charlyne, it could have been Paloma, it could have been Giulia, it could have been Ophélie. It could have been Brian, Alan, Jeff, Bryan, Dan, Phil. It could have been Zack. It could have been Alex. It could have been Jack. It could have been Rian. It could have been us making memories. It could have been us making Alex laugh his ass off singing Therapy. It could have been Aurélie on stage. It could have been us interviewing Jack and Rian. It could have been Alex meeting his fans in spite of being sick and having no voice. It could have been this place where so many humans felt alive and understood the term “humanity”.’

Then I saw the overwhelming amount of support I got, and I don’t even live in Paris. I saw the world unite and show their support to all French people. I felt proud to be part of this country, to show that friendship prevails over hate.

And then I watched as every artist in the world paid their last respects to the victims. I saw the legendary Irish band U2 show up in front of the venue with flowers. I watched videos of the minute of silence at the Imagine Dragons concert. I saw more and more musicians express themselves on the events. I cried listening to that German pianist playing Imagine in front of Le Bataclan. And I understood something. It could not ‘have been us’. It was us. It was music that was attacked. And music still stands strong today. If anything, music has become even more valuable than it had ever been before.

I would like to send all my love to the families of the victims. I cannot possibly imagine what you are going through right now but know that we are all here if you ever need anyone to talk to.

I will keep going to shows. I will keep enjoying myself and celebrating with my friends and the familiar faces I am used to seeing at concerts. Love will always be stronger than anything else. And I have a special thank you to address to All Time Low for their respects.

Finally, I think of Japan, Lebanon, Brazil, the United States, and any country that has had to deal with tragedy this week.

‘Always love. Hate will get you every time.’ - Nada Surf


Posted by Moe on 15 Nov 2015

The Aquarian: Alex on the future of All Time Low

Alex was recently interviewed by The Aquarian to talk about the future plans of the band. Read the whole article below.
When on tour, what’s the hour before going on like?
You know, we don’t really do anything that crazy. Like, we don’t have any cool rituals. So, I guess the biggest thing we do is warm up. We’ll start warming up my voice and stuff, but aside from that, we’ll listen to music, get loose, but nothing too wild. We wanna put on an energetic show, so it would be unfortunate to burn out before we play.

You’re on tour now, traveling through Canada; will you guys keep the current setlist, or are you planning to switch things up?
Yeah! When we get into the Back To The Future Hearts Tour, I think it’s gonna be a new set. I don’t wanna give anything away, but, we put a lot of emphasis on playing stuff off the new record and this record has had the best reaction that any of our records have ever had. So, we really want to put a lot of emphasis on those songs. But it’s really, really fun and we have a lot of tricks up our sleeves.

Hey, that’s good! Why do you think this record is getting so much more attention?
I don’t know! (Laughs) I think the big part is that we’ve gained some new fans, which is a lot of it, but I also think that this band has finally figured out what it’s supposed to be. And so, I think that’s really played a factor in our music. We were trying to figure out the point of All Time Low, and I think that the quality of the music has gotten a little better. It’s pretty cool for us. It’s been a growing experience for us and this band. We started as kids and with practice, good things happen.

You have so many records and so much material to choose from, how on earth do you guys pick songs to play?
It’s pretty f***ing hard! (Laughs) We have a lot of songs and we’re in this place now where we have plenty of songs from our past that have been kind of career-defining for us, I guess. So, we obviously try to play those. But I think it’s cool that our fanbase has grown with us and we can play new songs and people are familiar with them. It’s not like those situations where people just wanna hear the first record or whatever, so it’s nice to be able to plan a tour—like the Back To The Future tour where we’re focusing on new material and have the response be really positive. So it’s really cool for us to be able to grow as a band and have others support that. But we can’t really play all of our songs, which is a bummer, because it’d be a three-hour show.

As the band grew, did you guys notice your audiences grow with you?
Yeah! It’s kinda interesting but strange for us because we have those younger, newer fans and then we have those fans who’ve been coming to the shows for years. It kind of depends on the city. Some places, there’ll be a younger audience, and then others, I’ll look into the crowd and they’ll be a little bit older, but I like to see the wide range.

It must be nice. Do you have any memorable shows, or venues?
Aw, man. We’ve played so many shows at this point! But actually, more recently, we just played a show in Reading in the UK and that was the best feeling we’ve had at those festivals. That was a pretty amazing experience. We played later in the day, and there were a lot of people there. But yeah, it was pretty special.

Wait. You were just in the UK. Now you’re in Canada, heading for the U.S., and then you’re going back to the UK?
Uh, yeah! Yeah, later this year. Or, in February, actually. But, the funny thing about the UK is that it’s not a giant country. So, it’s not like doing the U.S. tours where we would do, like, 30, so it’s a very short tour.

But you guys tour year-round; don’t you get tired?
(Laughs) Uhm… It can be , but we usually take pretty good care of ourselves and we’ve been doing this for a while now. So, not only are we used to it, but we know how to handle it. But we get rest when we can, and we go hard just when we need to, so that’s just sort of the way it is. But we love doing it. We love playing shows, so that keeps us fueled. It’s hard to burn out when you love what you do.

Yeah, I’ve noticed that no one’s left the band, so you must all love it.
Yeah, it’s pretty wild. I mean, I love the guys in this band and we’re family. But I think the big thing is, that we’re all pretty close and we’re all doing this for the same reason. We’re all really passionate about our music and we love interacting with our fans… It’s pretty crazy to think about because a lot of bands come and go and a lot of others have member changes and stuff and it’s hard to keep a band together, so I’m very grateful that we’ve managed to keep it going all this time.

It’s a gift. Now, on this upcoming tour, you guys are playing with Sleeping With Sirens and a couple of other bands. Have you guys toured together before?
Uhm, I think we played Warped Tour with them? Maybe? I don’t think we’ve played much with them. We’ve definitely been on shows together, or something like that, but no—we’ve never done a tour together, so this is a first. And I’m excited. It’s exciting! It’ll be nice to hang with those guys and they’re pretty interesting dudes.

It sounds like it’d be a great time! I was watching your music videos and was wondering—what’s the filming process like?
We just kind of have fun with it. Music videos—we’ve never taken them too seriously. I think we just have a couple, but we just really use them to show off our personality and the songs are what they are. You hear the song first, and you’ll know what it’s about. But music videos are just something for entertainment. That’s the biggest thing.

Yeah! I love “Something’s Gotta Give”—especially the zombie part.
(Laughs) Yeah, it’s got a funny twist to it. It was definitely something that caught our attention. Out of all of the ideas we were reading, that one really got our attention. It was fun, but after being in that costume for two days… I don’t know. But it was really worth it.

I saw somewhere that you prefer touring over recording; is that true?
Uhm… I wouldn’t say that I “prefer” it… It’s hard to say because they’re two very different things. I love being on the road, but we have to record music so we can go on tour. There are some bands who live to be in the studio, and that’s where their focus is. But we write music and make records so that we can get out and tour. I think that’s what I mean when I say that; I don’t dislike being in the studio, because the creative process is incredible. I love making records. But, ultimately, like I said, we make records so that we can tour.

They go hand-in-hand. But, what’s a typical day on the road like?
It depends. You know, some days we have band obligations where we go out and we do interviews like this, or something else. But other times, we have nothing really going on during the day, and it’s just like hurrying up and then waiting for the show, so on days like that, we try to find things to do because it’s really easy to fall into that habit of just sitting around and not doing anything. That feels like a waste, especially when you’re in different cities every day. But, even if it’s just as simple as going out and finding a local coffee spot, or finding a really rad burrito place, it’s just fun to get a feel for the city.

Yeah! If you’re there, may as well experience it all. Have you ever tried writing on the road?
I seem to have a hard time doing it; I’ve been talking about lately wanting to put more of a focus on writing with some of that downtime that we have, but in the past, it’s been kind of tough. There are a lot of distractions, there’s a lot going on, so sometimes it’s hard to find a nice, quiet spot to get creative. But I’m gonna make more of an effort, so we’ll see how it goes.

Good luck! Now, once this tour is over, what do you have going on?
At some point, we’ll be getting into new music. Future Hearts is still pretty fresh to us, so we’ll wanna play those songs some more, but yeah, there’s always new music on the horizon; we always have new ideas. So, we’ll have more music and with that, we’ll have more tricks up our sleeves. So yeah, there’ll be more touring, more writing, uh… I’m getting married, so that’s when I get rid of my life (laughs). But that’ll be happening next year. So lots of exciting stuff!

Posted by Moe on 13 Nov 2015

Alex's Top 5 punk songs

Alex recently talked to Billboard to talk about the punk genre, which highly influenced All Time Low. Find out his Top 5 punk songs in the article which you can read below.
“This is gonna really test my cred,” says Alex Gaskarth, scrolling through his phone for a representative list of his all-time favorite punk songs. No need for him to worry: As the lead guitarist and vocalist of pop-punk foursome All Time Low, the Baltimore native has earned his punk-rock stripes for endurance alone, fronting his band for more than 12 years and touring for years at a time. All Time Low’s name is taken from a lyric in the New Found Glory song “Head on Collision,” but Gaskarth, 27, knows his roots. Here, he runs down his favorite punk anthems of all time:

1. "Don't Call Me White," NOFX
"They're the first of the ‘90s punk bands that I really got into. It’s what pulled me into the genre."

2. "Blitzkrieg Bop," The Ramones
"Of course, The Ramones."

3. "Rock the Casbah," The Clash
"It's my favorite Clash song, because it was the one where everyone was like, 'They totally sold out and made a dance song.' But it was actually the most punk thing they could have done."

4. "Basket Case," Green Day

5. "Holiday in Cambodia," Dead Kennedys
"Why not?"

Posted by Moe on 13 Nov 2015

Back To The Future Hearts Tour

All Time Low are back in the United States for the second part of their Back To The Future Hearts Tour with Sleeping With Sirens. Yesterday, Alex posted a video on his Instagram account, which you can watch below.

I have added a few pictures taken on the last American dates of the Back To The Future Hearts Tour. Check them out in the gallery.

Posted by Moe on 10 Nov 2015

BBC Radio 1's Teen Awards: New videos and pictures

Yesterday, All Time Low performed at the BBC Radio 1's Teen Awards. Before the show, they were interviewed on the red carpet and backstage. In the first video, they talk about the UK and do impressions of James Bond. In the second one, Jack and Alex sing the song Teenage Dirtbag, which they are used to covering, along with other bands. Watch the videos below.

I have added a few pictures from yesterday's appearance in London, UK. Check them out!

Posted by Moe on 09 Nov 2015

UK-Irish Arena Tour: Support and video

All Time Low have just announced that their support band on the British/Irish leg of their Back To The Future Hearts Tour will be none other than the legendary band Good Charlotte, which was also formed in Maryland. Watch the promo video for this tour, which was released today.

Posted by Moe on 09 Nov 2015

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